It’s official…

…Deborah Bone, Clinical Lead and Service Manager has been terminated. Cancer has stolen my identity and status. I am just left with Deborah Bone. I am a wife, a mother, a daughter, niece, sister , aunty and a grandma and that is going to have to do for now. I shall have to practice at being better as those.

Just for the record I hate cancer.

Deborah x

10 thoughts on “It’s official…

  1. You should be very proud to be you, you are a very strong lovely person and can now start a new chapter of your life. Xx 😊

  2. Being a strong, caring, brave and tenacious woman (to name but a few of your amazing qualities) is far more important than a job title. I felt like mental illness stole my identity when gmac ditched me after my problems but being me is far better than account manager. Yes, I still have many “when I used to have a proper job and career” moments but they’re getting fewer as my new identity gets more fulfilling xxxxxxx

  3. Deborah, I agree with all the above. Remember that when one door closes another one opens! I hate cancer too but it may be that there is a better role waiting for you and the 7 you have already listed are very important ones. Money aside, there are lots of positives to not being in a paid position and you will soon feel that you just don’t have time to work! Hope this doesn’t sound too trite but I am sure that there is something very worthwhile waiting for you to do, that you wouldn’t have been able to do if you were working in your previous job. keep smiling and enjoy France.

  4. one chapter has ended and a new will be begin. we work hard in life for job satification and income but you will find a new path to follow. i love teaching food tech because i give my students the gift of skills to create and as I prepare to take a year out, I know i will return but I will have to work on low flame for a bit.

  5. Got this rather late, don’t forget you are my precious cousin too and you will always be a very special person. Nicola

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