Au revoir grand ami

Off we go on an adventure in Helga our 1993 Hymer B544 motorhome. The plan is to meet up with our best mates in Le Touquet and from then on who knows. We do hope however to catch up with my uncle and his wife who are running a marathon in Bordeaux. The motorhome is full of our neatly pressed clothes, holiday magazines and other special holiday treats. We have been following another blog written by a lovely couple, who have been travelling in the same sort of motorhome as ours, for over two years. We are hoping to stay at a couple of their recommended Aires. Have a look at their adventures at

We are planning on keeping in touch via this blog and hopefully upload a few photos along the way.

Yesterday I got the all clear again from my consultant. I have monthly appointments now but I am sure my fellow myeloma sufferers will agree, these visits are filled with anticipation and anxiety. Unfortunately unlike other cancers where you may stay in remission for a number of years then hopefully be given the all clear, this nasty cancer sleeps in your bone marrow and who knows when it’s going to wake up again and decide to procreate. Still there is little point in worrying about it, and whilst I feel well I have some serious living to do, all be it on a rather reduced and limited budget. I still feel very sad that I am no longer working, and doing the job I loved, who would have imagined such a thing at the beginning of this year? Never mind after a good break I intend to make myself useful in some way or another. Both Colin and I are in real need of this holiday. The last 8 months have been very harrowing and visiting the hospital has sometimes felt like a full time job. It will be good to get away from it all.

So according to our new satnav we are 1 hour and 33 minutes away from the port at Dover. Both Colin and I hate to be late for anything but I think arriving about 5 hours early is a tad over cautious! The ferry crossing is booked for 8.50pm

Deborah x


7 thoughts on “Au revoir grand ami

  1. ooh sounds just perfect..I love France and the food n wine just perfect. have both deserve a well and truly earned break lots of fun n sun n laughter awaits Bon Voyage xx

  2. Have an exciting time visiting new and different places, eating wonderful food and relaxing.
    With lots of love to you both Mum

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