We spent the first night here…

…. in an Aire opposite this quay in Calais. I must admit I wasn’t feeling too great and couldn’t wait to get into bed. It’s a shame because I’m not the girl I used to be. A couple of years ago we would have wandered into town to find out where the loud live band were playing and enjoyed a beer or two. I just have to get used to not doing so much so I think an afternoon siesta will be an enjoyable necessity. Shortly we will head down to Le Tréport to an Aire right opposite a lovely beach. From here we can cycle along an adjacent cycle path into town. Before then though I hope Colin will wander into town and pick up a couple of fresh croissant.

Deborah x

2 thoughts on “We spent the first night here…

  1. Take each day as it comes you cannot expect to feel back to normal after all the toxins that your body has had to deal with each day there could be a small change you will get there.
    Love Mum

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