Le Touquet and onwards

We had a good day yesterday chilling out at the beach opposite the Aire here by the Marina.


Le Touquet is the place that the wealthy Parisian’s come to play with their yachts.
The man in the next van said it cost 19 Euro’s each to use the indoor pool. We decided not to go for that option choosing instead a leisurely stroll along the beach and back through the woods. Our friends turned up later but had to stay at another nearby Aire as ours was full. Colin worked out that the Aire takes in approx £92,000 in the summer season alone! We got our 11 Euro’s worth but had to pay out another 2 Euro’s to fill up and empty.

After a slow start and a morning conference we are now on our way down to meet Mme de Yturbe who lives at the Chateaux D’Anet. She has promised to show us around her ancestral home bought by her great grandmother in 1860. We shall meet up with our friends at a nearby Aire at Nonancourt and probably have an afternoon nap before exploring further.

A good relaxing time is being had by all.

Deborah x

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