The Loire River

Saturday night we stayed at another very pleasant free Aire on the edge of the Loire river and close to the town centre at a place called Beaugency. The following day we followed the river down to another beautiful little town called Amboise. It is quite surprising how quickly the Aire’s fill up so we were pleased to get one of the last few places left. During the afternoon we wandered into the town along the river. It is place steeped with history and has an enormous medieval castle. It was very interesting to read up about the history of this place and the valley of the Loire. The chateau at Amboise was home to Mary Stewart, Queen of Scots, for much of her early life, being raised there at the French court of Henry II. She arrived in France from Scotland in 1548, aged six, and remained in France until 1561, when she returned to her homeland – sailing up the Firth of Forth to Edinburgh on 15 August that year.
The great Leonardo da Vinci spent the last years of his life in Amboise. After a relaxing evening and another few episodes of 24 we both enjoyed a jolly good nights sleep.
Today we are heading for Futuroscope which we fancy visiting tomorrow. It will bring back lots of lovely memories spent there with our children when they were only about 9 and 11. Hopefully it won’t be long before we can bring Elliot here too. It will be our fourth visit to this amazing parc of technology and we are promised a new spectacular night time show on the lake. Meanwhile we have found a lovely stop for lunch and an afternoon siesta. This is the view from my bed.

A good relaxing time is being had.

Deborah x

4 thoughts on “The Loire River

  1. It looks wonderful and I’m enjoying reading all about your adventure. You are looking very glam in the photo too xx 🌞

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