Just by chance…

…we found this lovely free leisure park to stop for lunch yesterday. We ended up staying until the early evening when we drove fifteen minutes down the road to the car park at Futuroscope, our stop for the night. The Le Lac de St CYR comprises of a large lake with a beach surrounded by a cycle path that twists and turns through trees and along the river Vienne. Colin did a reckie and then together we cycled approx 4 miles around the lake. In the heat of the day it was lovely to lie on the sand and soak up the sun.

Today we have the excitement of Futuroscope to look forward to but not before my egg and bacon breakfast that looks just about ready!

Wish you were here

Deborah x

5 thoughts on “Just by chance…

  1. wow your holiday sounds so exciting and adventurist xx you look so happy and very well both of you and must say very glamorous in your hat … really really want to travel round France now and wouldn’t mind some bacon n eggs too haha xx happy travels xx

  2. Lovely to see you looking so well & happy Deborah. You will be re- joining us at the CPHVA Ed & Dev Trust anytime soon, I can see\!

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