Thank you Jem….

…for our lovely anniversary meal. It’s not our wedding anniversary until September 18th but our lovely daughter gave us a very generous early present of some Euro’s to spend whilst we were on holiday. So thanks to Jem we enjoyed a delicious lunch at a little restaurant overlooking the harbour. I chose to try some thing new, a local dish of deep fried crispy eel! I was a bit nervous about it but the lovely waitress who spoke very good English recommended it. It turned out to be very tasty, Colin stuck to his old favourite Moules avec frites. We really should have been brave enough to go for the oysters as the small fishing boats bring them in daily but neither of us could face them. I declined a desert having spotted a creperie on the way into town so we stopped on the way back and I enjoyed a pancake stuffed with pears and served with hot chocolate sauce and cream.
We are having a great chilled out time of doing very little other than eating and sleeping with the occasional bike ride thrown in to further explore the area.
Enjoying a lunch of fried eel.image
The bay this evening at 8pm French time.
Love to you all
Deborah x

4 thoughts on “Thank you Jem….

  1. Aww you’re both very welcome! Love seeing youso happy. Love you xxxxxx Elliot loved talking to you on phone : as did I 🙂 xxxxx

  2. I loved the eel,a Dutch woman introduced me to eel stew,insisted I had a mouthful oh her,s as the thought of it was awful,found I liked it.As for oysters,do not like them raw,but enjoy them cooked,we often went bought a kilo of prawns,sat out side eating prawns and a beer,for some reason the prawns,taste better than here.

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