Lurky Levis…

…or rather Lurcy Levis in the Auvergne region. Here we stopped for a home (rather Helga the Hymer) cooked lunch of steak and chips and as it was a little overcast we pulled out our few remaining unwatched DVD’s. We are both rather disappointed that we didn’t bring the second series of 24 with us and we were left with a choice of a few subtitled French films or Les Miserables. I wasn’t in the mood for trying to read subtitles so we managed to depress ourselves, as we cried our way through Les Miserables. To pull ourselves together we took a leisurely walk around the lake and a few mosquito bites later we were ready to call it a night.


We are certainly getting around France and Helga is doing us proud. So far we have visited the regions of Northern France, Normandy, the Centre, Poitou, Atlantic, Auvergne and now we are heading off for Burgundy for lunch and perhaps the Champagne region for dinner. We don’t like to plan too much, we just have a rough idea and a few Aires in mind and see how it goes. As we choose to drive on the smaller roads we go through lots of little French villages. They mostly look like film sets and as by the time we get up and sorted out its usually midday, the places are deserted. We often think we must have missed something on Yahoo news and that France must have being attacked by some mysterious illness as there is nobody to be seen. We are both enthralled by the enormity of this country as the landscape changes and we wonder at its beauty. We have only been away for a few weeks but somehow it’s seems much longer as we have visited so many different places, but there is nowhere quite like home.
I’m looking forward to catching up with family and friends but for now I shall enjoy exploring a few more Patisseries and tasting the various wines of the region as while in France I may as well live as the French do. The living is good here and today we have a little more sunshine.

Deborah x

4 thoughts on “Lurky Levis…

  1. We are really looking forward to seeing you both as it seems you have been away for ages.
    It is colder here than when you left but not too bad.
    Love Mum

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