This week…

… I need to remain strong. Today my manager will be coming around to sign off the last bits of paperwork and to pick up my phone and badge. Tomorrow it’s that time again, another trip down to London with fingers tightly crossed and on Thursday I am going into work to clear out my office. It is apparently just as I left it before going on annual leave for Christmas. Who would have thought back then, that I wouldn’t ever be returning to continue the role I had created quite a few years ago now. I think Thursday will be the most difficult but I will try to reframe it into something more positive and I have my lovely grandson’s christening to look forward to on Sunday. I am certainly feeling much better in myself physically but I think the emotional scars will take a little longer to heal. I do however have some exciting news to share. My lovely generous team have nominated me for an award for inspirational leader and I have been lucky enough to be short listed. This means another great party to attend at Duxford air museum. It was about seven years ago that I was last at a ceremony at Duxford, coming a close second for an innovation award with the Sticking Plasters for Children’s Souls book that I wrote with fellow author and colleague Julie Nash. Life on the whole has been good to me and if it wasn’t for this very inconvenient health interruption I would have said it was pretty close to being perfect.
On another note, last Thursday Colin, Kate, mum and I attended Jarvis Cocker’s 50th birthday party. It was held at a private members club in China town. We decided to drive down there and found a very convenient car park right in the middle of town and only a short walk from the party. It seemed like the whole of London had come out to party, as the streets were so busy with people enjoying themselves. The party itself provided another opportunity to catch up with Aunty Christine and Saskia (Jarvis’s mum and sister). Jarvis was pretty occupied with the 100+ guests and ensuring everybody was having a good time but we did manage a quick chat and to send him our birthday wishes. Sorry but there are no photo’s to share as there was a strict no picture taking policy. We also didn’t spot any other famous faces but there again perhaps we wouldn’t have known them anyway. Having said that there was the artist who produced the artwork for the Sergeant Peppers album. Being there was a great experience and we didn’t get home before 2.30am!
Well I had better get up and on with things as I can hear Colin hoovering downstairs.
Much love to you all
Deborah x

9 thoughts on “This week…

  1. Hope today goes ok. Just read you’d blog etc. it’s only a badge mum :). And a blackberry is an annoying phone in my opinion. You don’t need a badge to label who you are. The amount of things you are wouldn’t fit on a badge. Hence you’re better off without a badge. Over a hundred people know you as mother, grandmother, daughter, wife, sister, aunt and friend. As well as the caring one. The one who makes people smile. The…. So You’re better off without a badge with just one thing on it :). I can’t wait for elliots christening. Love you xxxx

    • šŸ™‚ not necessarily intelligent. I just know that they’re facts as that’s what my heart told me to write šŸ™‚ xxx you’re the best mum in the world. And the most selfless person I know xxxx

  2. Hi Deborah, It’s going to be a tough week but you’ll get through it, what with something to look forward to and the award possibilities, that’s absolutely wonderful, so many congratulations on all your achievements. Remember to take some time to rest, even your body is not completely healed, it’s usually at least six months post chemo before you start to regain energy etc and, as you say, your mind will take much longer and require much diversion to make up for your loss career-wise but it will come around too as you have so much strength and talent: remember your grandfather, I’m sure he’s with you, terribly proud and loving you very much. Love you too, Nicola PS a hug for Elliott, grandchildren are so special, and hello to all your family. XO Sent from my iPad

  3. Hello Deborah, this will be a tough week, but given everything else you have been through this past year, it will be easier. Know that across the pond we will be thinking of you, as we always do. Congratulations on being nominated for Inspirational leader. Your blog continues to be an inspiration so it is not surprising your team nominated you!
    Take care and enjoy the christening!

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