Another one bites the dust…

..bone biopsy that is! It was delivered under sedation, although it wasn’t completely pain free this time. It was also lovely to see my consultant, Dr Poppat, earlier than expected on the ward. I was able to report on my progress and the plans for my long term remission, providing him with plenty of time to find a cure. I have also offered my services to talk at conferences about how to beat this. See there is fight in the old dog yet!
My biggest sadness is missing my work and the people I used to spend so much time with. I am also quite frustrated as to how slowly my energy levels are returning as I still get quite tired in the afternoon but people keep telling me it’s still early days.
The challenge now is to raise awareness of this dreadful cancer. So if any of you out there can think of ways of helping me to do this I would be most grateful. More awareness attracts more funding meaning more research and the chance of a cure being found in time to save my life. It all sounds a bit dramatic but that is the fact. More popular cancer’s attract more funding (although it all helps) we need to get Myeloma in the public eye. You might have heard that the comedian Felix Dexter died at the age of 52 last Friday and lots more younger people are being diagnosed.
So please get your thinking caps on I need all the help I can get.

Take care dear friends

Deborah xxx

4 thoughts on “Another one bites the dust…

  1. Hi Deborah,

    Is this your email address?

    My name is Elina, I’m following your blog (my mother also has multiple myeloma, she’s in Sweden, and I found your link via Nina’s blog).

    Hope you are feeling ok today…..I just wanted to ask you something.



  2. Hi Deborah, Glad you are through with the latest nastiness. You are wonderful at making lemons into lemonade, and although I know it’s a real struggle for you with all these issues I want to tell you how much I admire you with the way you are coping, and love you as a very dear family member. And I really really agree about the awareness thing, as I have been feeling the same way recently about Lymphoma. For weeks and weeks now it seems I have been bombarded with breast cancer this and that, pink ribbons, stories of triumph and survival etc and NOTHING ever about lymphoma which in some form or other (there are at least 26 varieties) is represented in one person in fifty. Nor, as you so aptly say, do I hear anything about myeloma ( I refuse to capitalize these ugly abusive cancers) so this issue of awareness is huge, and I too would appreciate any ideas on raising it. By the way, I have just finished reading the most amazing book, non fiction, “the Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” and if you are a reader can highly recommend it. So much of interest and controversy, and made me thankful that if I have to have cancer that I have it in this day and age! With love and continued vibes for all going well for you Deb. Nicola

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