Using the power of visualisation.

Living in our litte house under the dome I am again reminded how lucky we are to live in the house of our dreams, remembering well the days we spent visualising such a perfect home. Ok we don’t own it and the heating bills can be a bit steep but its our little place in paradise. I have also managed to visualise those annoying cancer rats into impotency as they fail to reproduce and cancer stays at bay. Meanwhile some very clever person or persons are sitting at home right now working out how to permanently castrate them. Could it be Jack, who by the age of 15 has already developed a test to early identify pancreatic cancer saving thousands of lives?

I can clearly see myself finishing my book on children’s mental health and the publishers letter of acceptance. What fun the book launch will be. 🙂

Such good times ahead but for now I shall just prepare for a meal out at an old friends house and thank the universe for being alive.

Deborah x

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