As my new life starts to take shape there is lots of re-organising going on.

This includes giving this blog a good old sort out.

You may notice that there is an extra page title on the black strip under the photo at the top of the Home page. This page titled ‘Mental Health Strategies’ will include all future and previous posts that are particularly related to improving mental health and emotional well being. I hope that this will make it easier to navigate. I know there are lots of you out there who are quite happy to read about my cancer journey or holiday antics and rather than having numerous different blogs, I wanted to stick with just the one. I did however want to make sure, that those of you who want to access information related to particular topics, can do so easily. If you hover over the Mental Health Strategies title you will even find a drop down link to posts specifically about the BrainBox. How clever is that! Although I must admit it took me quite a while to achieve, what now appears to be a fairly simple wordpress process. Don’t forget you can regularly follow my posts by clicking on the link at the top of the bar on the right, you will then receive an email every time a new post comes out. There is also a search option, categories option and a list of all the old posts under ‘Archives’. Whoopee I am getting there!

This past week has been pretty busy as we, in the ‘royal’ sense of the word, have been re-decorating the living room, including laying a new floor and putting up new ceiling lights. It is a great feeling to have it freshened up and a step away from the place I lay around in feeling so poorly earlier in the year.

Cancer, what cancer? Accordingly to my latest report as it reads ‘ Bone marrow trephine biopsy showing no evidence of an abnormal plasma cell infiltrate, 2-3% plasma cells”. and paraprotein is still undetectable. This is such good news and I thank all involved for making this possible including you dear readers. I now just have my monthly hospital visits to check everything stays as it is.

So what next?

Well it’s good news that I am driving again, now that I am medication free, which although I have never been that keen on driving. it feels great not having to rely on lifts anymore.

An article I have written is due to come out very soon in The Journal of Family Health Care.

I am awaiting to hear back about how my skills might be put to good news in some new projects. 😉

The book I am writing is coming on, if somewhat slowly, and I am starting to build a story board for some short films or E learning sessions.

I am very excited to have been short listed to the last three in the Inspirational Leader Awards which means I have an exciting black tie event to attend on November 20th and get to catch up with some of my team.

Oh yes and there is my retirement do to look forward to on November 25th.

My eldest daughter is continuing to fly the flag for the NHS and making her mother very proud.

And due to the skills of my youngest daughters brilliant parenting my grandson continues to be the happiest and most content little boy that I have ever met, and brings great joy into our lives.

So life really is pretty good but that’s not to say that I still don’t desperately miss my old job and colleagues though.

None of this would have of course be possible without the wind beneath my wings.

You know who you are!


6 thoughts on “Re-organising

    • Thank you Mo, although I am not sure that I deserve such high praise, you don’t have much choice other than manage what life throws at you.
      I am still enjoying my magazine and entering competitions but not had any luck this time round yet, but maybe today the postman will bring me that winning letter!
      Deborah xxx

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