A very special day – Thank You

The Step2 team couldn’t have put on a better retirement do.

What could have been a very sad time was filled with laughter and joy. From the ‘show’ the team put on to the kind words from the chief exec, beginning to end, was all I could have wished for. The food and the home baked cakes were delicious and every one seemed to enjoy themselves. It was lovely to have had Colin by my side as he too was acknowledged and thanked for the support he had given to me over the years. It was lovely to see some old colleagues and friends too.

From the bottom of my heart Thank You for all for your gifts and kind words.

Just look at what a talented bunch the Step2 team are:


To the tune of ‘Our House’ by Madness
New words by Yael Leinman and Sharon Robinson
Performed by Step2 team

Deborah wakes up 3 AM
Wakes up Colin with a nudge
Says: ‘I thought of something fab’
What about an E.I.S ? (early intervention service)
Colin shakes his head about
He’s heard it all before

Their house in the middle of a field
Their house in the middle of a…

Step2 it has a crowd
There’s always something happening
And it’s usually quite loud
Our Deb is service-proud
Nothing ever slows her down
And mess is all around

Step2 in the middle of Old Town
Step2 in the middle of Old Town

Step2 calls are coming thick and fast
Step2 post is piling up and up

Deborah stays up late at work
Sticking Plasters; that’s her book
Brainbox, LAMBSS and Winding Road
These are all of Deborah’s thoughts
She’s the one we’re gonna’ miss
In lots of many ways

Step2 re-commissioned once again
Step2 getting stronger every day

We remember way back when everything was true and when
Deb would have a very good time such a fine time
such a happy time
And we remember how she’d swear bleep bleep bleep bleep everywhere
Then she’d say ‘Step2 was here forever and ever’
Step2 team is feeling sad
Deborah’s leaving us behind
She’s got a campervan to ride
We’d all like to say goodbye
We’re holding Step2 well for you
We’ll carry on your dream

Deborah Bone you’ve inspired all of us
Deborah Bone your vision is a blast

Step2… Nah Nah Nah Nah Step2… Nah Nah Nah Nah (fading)

Yet again I am one lucky person to continue to be surrounded by such love and kindness, it is more than riches could ever buy.

Deborah x

9 thoughts on “A very special day – Thank You

  1. Thank you so much everyone. I hope to grow up to be like my Mum. She cares about so many people and so many people care back. So much thought has gone into today by everyone involved. How amazing you all are xxxxx

  2. How lovely xx and very much deserved to an inspirtionall M.A.D (in the nicest possible way ) lovely lady xxx so sorry not to have been there 😦 I would have loved to see you today and shared in wishing you all the luck of the irish xxx

  3. Sounds like a wonderful retirement party Debs.You are so loved and appreciated by so many people and we feel so proud of you.xxx

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