Let battle commence ….

…once again!

Unfortunately yesterday’s hospital visit informed us of the return of the Myeloma rats. They have become rampant once again and they need to be pushed back behind enemy lines. This time round the chemo will be stronger than ever before reaching a crescendo with a final bloody battle “The stem cell transplant”. This year we need to fight dirty. I need to be strong, both mentally and physically, and prepare for the fight as if it were a marathon. I will need to gather together the troops and will be grateful to have as many of you as possible, standing shoulder to shoulder with me as battle commences. I need to work out a strategy, a battle plan with military precision. I will need soldiers of all ranks to join forces and civilians to dig deep for victory. Your country (OK this particular girl) needs YOU.

Are you on board, willing and able?

This battle may be tough but the reward is life itself. Very soon there will be a cure for all cancers, so I just need to keep the rats away from the shore until it is found. To be prepared for what’s ahead it is good to know your enemy and what tricks they are likely to have up their sleeves.

See below a link to information about High Dose Therapy and Stem Cell transplant. You could miss out the bits about cell mobilisation, harvesting and collection. I have already done that bit and my stem cells are ready and waiting in a freezer somewhere.


It looks and sounds terrifying but many others have done it before me and have emerged out the other side, although a little battered and bruised, they are able to continue to enjoy a fulfilling existence. The transplant is often thought of as a rebirth and many myeloma sufferers celebrate an extra birthday, so thats something to look forward to and another summer party to plan.

Cancer has stolen my career, it took some of my hair and it has now taken my holiday to Portugal away it is NOT going to rob me of my life!

Are you with me ?

Thank you


PS Charles you wanted to know what you could do to help. I have a plan that will utilise your creative game producing skills. Give me al call xxx

40 thoughts on “Let battle commence ….

  1. Elliot and I will always be there for you when we are free of any illness. When his nursery increases in hours I could even see you on my own!!! So count us in xxxxxxxxx love you xxxxxxxx

  2. I am an old friend of your Uncle Jack & have been silently following your battle – in fact a friend of mine is following a similar battle!
    I think you are amazing & the Myeloma will certainly have its work cut out with you!!
    Your positivity is amazing & I will be there shoulder to shoulder to support you xx

  3. Here we again and this time there is an army fighting with you. So many of us are on board fighting with you, we will support you in every way we can.
    We all love you very much.
    See you soon
    Lots of love Mum

  4. You don’t know me, I am a friend of Kate’s but would be happy to do whatever I could to be in your army, even if it is just sending healing energy. On a brighter note, a friend of mine went through a similar treatment, for a very agressive cancer about 20 years ago, we were par t of her army then and she is still here, playing tennis and partying well into her 70’s.

  5. Not the best way to start the new year but now you know something can be done. Hopefully the mud will stop and we can get a breath of air with the hounds.

  6. The rats will be repelled and know they are going to be outnumbered,outmanouvered,suffer huge casualties and be overcome by you and all your myriad friends and family who love and support you
    If there is anything i can do on legal side e g the house/mortgage tenants or your rented house just say the word
    Love Jack

  7. Dear Deb, So sad to hear the news that you will have to go into battle again with the those shitty rats!

    I am praying every day for you.

    Sent with love and positive thoughts your way.

    Anne and Sealy xxx

  8. Really sorry to hear the return of the Myeloma after everything you have gone through. It just isn’t fair. Stay positive – if anyone can beat this you can! We’re here for you, so please let us know if there is anything we can do to help.
    Thinking of you. Lots of love….. Heather xxx
    p.s. it was great to see you New Years’ Eve – thought you looked great.

  9. My daughter fought her battle with a SCT & celebrated her “rebirth” in August. Complete remission & doing great. Always remember there are soldiers fighting the battle for a cure. They are getting close with new drugs & especially Tcell alteration.There are also silent soldiers you will never know praying for good results.

  10. Too late again, always missing the boat! So sorry to hear you’ve got to do it all again, but thankful you have your stem cells all ready and waiting: they will do miraculous things I know, and kick those rats out of their lair. Thoughts, prayers, and energies all with you Deborah. Love, Nicola

    Sent from my iPad


  11. I love your fighting talk Debs, and your battle analogy. It’s a great way to muster the groups and set battle plans. If a war is to be won, this is a great start!

    Let me know what I can do.

    Courage my friend xx

  12. The little Cornwall army are on board ,luckily Ian is used to battles and very strong on positive vibes! sending them and lots of love to you Debs xxxx

  13. \I hate rats so will join the army to fight them. Together we can do it – keep your marvellous positivity and we will be praying for you.
    Much love,

  14. Thank you for sharing your story….I’m privileged to say I know your beautiful sister, stay strong and focused! If there is any way I can help please let me know. Fundraising? Etc xxx

  15. Sorry to hear Debs we are on board your army awaiting orders!!! They have picked on the wrong person and will lose again!!! Xx

  16. Sorry to hear your results. I will start my battle in mid February. I have a young man donating my Marrow transplant. I am about to put together a quilt for hospital. My army of friends have been making me panels. I send best wishes from Melbourne.

  17. Hi Debs,
    My name is Jaye.
    You don’t know me but I have been following your blog with great interest.
    I too am with the Huntley Street team (aren’t they fantastic) and was diagnosed with high risk Smouldering Myeloma last April (the day after I was told that my stage 2B breast cancer was officially in remission after five long years).Sometimes life just sucks….but like you I think we have to face whatever life throws at us and just get on and deal with it.
    You seem to have a can do attitude to life and I am sure with this **!!!*%^*** illness that is half the battle. Meek acceptance, which I have observed in so many people is so debilitating both for the patient and the observer.
    Gather your team around you hold on and prepare for a fight
    and in the words of our cousins across the pond…. you go girl.

  18. I made a call to the Piped Piper of Hamelin, and he is free to join us all in your battle. I shall pick a pipe myself and shoo those rats away alongside your big and strong and oh so very powerful army. No doubt this news had ruined your birthday yet again, but it sounds like you will be having 2 birthday dates to celebrate once the treatment is done (you know you will!).
    I know my initial message on the day was brief, but it’s what it was at that moment. This is the fighting coming back to haunt those nasty little things who think they can mess you about. Well, you’ve got plenty of support going, and this is a great backbone to kick some a***.
    Waiting to see you when possible.
    All my love,

    • Good to have you as a friend Yael. Thank you for your kind words, knowing you are fighting alongside me, makes all the difference. It was lovely to have a message from your mum too she must be very proud of you xxx

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