I had mine yesterday…

Apparently according to Daybreak, today is the most miserable day of the year! Well I had mine yesterday, so I got it over with a day early. Thanks to some powerful tablets I also managed a much better sleep last night.

So today I shall start remembering all I have to be grateful for and of course YOU are the top of the list. Knowing I have a large army coming together makes this so much easier.

So to start my battle plan going, every morning I will list just one thing to be grateful for (of course I have lots more than just one thing!), and one thing to look forward to do each day. It would be good if you could do the same (if you don’t already) this will help to keep us all emotionally strong. You are more than welcome to share yours through this blog or Facebook. Sometimes writing them down helps.

Here are my two for today

1) Today I am grateful for You all

2) Today I look forward to working with my husband on a leaflet for anxiety.

At the start of writing this blog almost a year ago, I did promise to share the truth about my myeloma health journey. This blog is read by many people, some of who also have this horrible cancer. I have found it extremely useful to learn from other myeloma sufferers blogs so I hope this blog can be of some help to them too. Also it would be foolish to shy away from reality, there is no doubt that the next few months are going to be tough. I have been told categorically that my record of not being physically sick for the last, at least 25 years, WILL be coming to an end. That shouldn’t happen until I am in hospital after the transplant but it is not something I am looking forward to. Last year, due to an accidental overdose, of believe it or not, my anti sickness tablets, I came very close to being forced to drink charcoal, to make myself sick. Luckily I got away with just being put on a drip for a couple of hours. I shall be especially cautious this time round and of course take the strongest of anti sickness medication I can get my hands on, but apparently it will still happen at some point. This should probably be the least of my worries! It is fair to say the whole idea of subjecting my body to another round of powerful toxins fills me with dread and I feel so sad and disappointed that my remission was cut so short. I am also very anxious about the transplant so despite my upbeat persona I am not as brave as you might imagine. I do however have faith in the power of the mind and know full well the important role a positive attitude can make. So a positive attitude is essential for my warriors.

So get out there find the joy in the day as there are plenty of things we can all be thankful for.

Love Deborah.

Ps Thank you Uncle Jeremey for the kick up the A*** and Uncle Jack for the smoked salmon which I am looking forward to for lunch. Xxx

16 thoughts on “I had mine yesterday…

  1. Dearest Deborah.
    You are an absolute inspiration!
    I am thankful for you, dear cousin, for your ability to look for the positive as you face these trials. You are amazing and I salute you!
    Much love…
    Rebecca xxx

  2. Deb, I’m so happy you are my friend, you look on the bright side of everything. I am very sad you are sick again, but you are so strong and you will get through this again. I don’t envy the sickness, being a sickaphobe myself!! Look forward to your birthday this week. We need to drop the other load of logs round, I will text you in the week. Take care xx

    • Thank you Sharon. Its good to have you as a friend! Some more logs will be much appreciated and this time we will make sure we get to have a cup of tea together. xxx

  3. I am grateful my sister has brought my nieces from Sydney. I have spent time with my Deb who is 6 making Barbie sheets and blankets and her big 15 yr old sister ‘Speedy’, charity shopping for groovy clothes, even though I am not well and back on antibiotics. Keep strong Deborah.

  4. The mind is a powerful thing. When my 32 year old daughter was diagnosed with Myeloma I was so angry I could not be thankful for anything. Now 1 year out from her transplant each morning I am thankful she has another day & is “healthy”. Each night before I go to sleep I go through the day & am grateful for the things & people that made it a good one.
    The mind can also make things scarier than they are. I’m not saying transplant is easy but when you look back you might think it wasn’t as bad as you thought. Each persons experience is different. I just remember being so thankful that science & doctors have this option.Stem cell day was an emotional rebirth day. Good luck on your journey.

    • Thank you Terri. It is good to know your daughter is doing well, I really think a cure is just around the corner so fingers crossed we will all enjoy a healthy life for some time to come.
      Take care and best wishes to your daughter xxx

  5. Deborah,
    Your blog is terrific. Because of your career experience you know the mental side of healing is as important and difficult as the physical side.
    I’m in the US-Arizona and while receiving treatment and my SCT at the Mayo Clinic my team were called the Chemo Sabies. I couldn’t have done it all without them.
    Keep sharing we are all in this MM fight together.
    Cindy Walsh

    • Thank you Cindy. I hope the weather isn’t too bad where you are. Best Wishes with your own health journey, together we WILL beat this
      Deborah x

  6. Deborah,

    Your friends across the Pond in SoCal are still here (although a little tardy in replying). We are thinking anti-rat, anti-rat, anti-rat, so shoo and be gone with them and back on track with your wonderful life.


  7. Hi Debs, Sorry to be slow to reply, but always thinking of you mate. Sending you lots of positive thoughts to get the rats running for cover. I agree with you about the power of the mind and you are the person to prove it. Have a BD pressie and CC card (so useless, kept meaning to drop it off), but will pop round and if you are in we can catch up. Love you lots, Well done about the leaflet work. Kathy D. xxx

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