Groundhog Day

It was a year ago today that the real myeloma journey started and here we are again back at the starting line. Perhaps with the knowledge of what to expect, the process will be a little easier?

The list of side effects are ridiculous but they have to prepare you for the worst and fingers crossed I won’t experience any of them this time around. Whatever, there is not much point on dwelling on what it will or won’t be, it will just be what it is.

Today I appreciate that my little grandson has settled well into nursery and..
I am looking forward to….hmmm I need to think more about that one. Working on the leaflet is keeping me going.

At home we seem to have grown our own pond together with a family of ducks, quacking and splashing away, enjoying it far more than we are.

The water is surrounding the edges of our lovely home like a moat and it has started to flow into the air bricks and under the floor boards. I am not sure what we can really do about it other than pray that the rain stops soon and hope for the best.


Have a great day and spend a moment thinking about all the things you have to be grateful for.

Love to you all, my fellow warriors.

Deborah x

1 thought on “Groundhog Day

  1. It’s Elliot’s day off nursery today so I get to spend the whole day with my little man 🙂 :). But I too am glad he’s settling into nursery! Crikey looks like a lake! Hope it settles down soon. Love you Mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

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