Who knows what today will bring?

Today is going to be a good day, the consultant will smile and say things aren’t as bad as they first thought. She will give me a big hug and tell me it’s all going to work out just fine.

Well a girls got to dream and we all know the power of visualisation.

Am I aiming too high?

Should I just be visualising the best ticket being pulled out of that hat?

Whatever happens it will be a pretty long day with the consultant appointment at 1pm and the MRI scan not until 6pm.

Perhaps I will treat myself to a magazine in the hospital shop.  Such fun.

Yesterday I caught up with my old team, not Step2 and my old work colleagues but the team of experts that helped me through last years various treatments and cope both emotionally and physically. If I am lucky I may even get to go back to the Hospice for some more foot massages.

I really know how to live you know!

I can’t say I am particularly looking forward to my birthday tomorrow but it will be nice to see people especially my little grandson. Our good friends are kindly making a lasagna and my sister a salad and no doubt there will be some cake and biscuits, so if your passing feel free to pop in. I shall be like the queen and have another birthday and party in the summer, if I can persuade Colin into the idea. Nothing will top last years amazing fundraising party but we could have a go at getting close.

Today however I will get on with living. So here is my list for the one thing I am appreciate of today (although there are plenty) and one thing I am looking forward to (this one is always a like bit harder to think of).

Today I appreciate the kindness of good friends and family.
I shall look forward to enjoying a hot chocolate in Costa Coffee.

I thought I would share yesterday’s photo’s of little Elliot trying on his new leather jacket kindly sent from Sebastian (my lovely nephew living in LA). It’s a little big and almost as heavy as him at the moment but you can see the delight in his face and I expect it won’t be long before he grows into it.


Thank you all for your continuous support.

Deborah x

PS. Remember time is a precious gift, use it wisely.


14 thoughts on “Who knows what today will bring?

    • Thank you :). I’m a very proud Mummy. My Elliot is a very lucky boy to have such an amazing Grandma also known as my brilliant mum :). I love reading all the lovely supportive, caring messages too. :). My mums very lucky to have so many lovely friends and family 🙂 x

  1. Keep fighting Mum/Grandma. We are all behind you every step of the way. I will be there every time you need me. One day you might realise how much Elliot and I love you. We really do have the best Mum and Grandma we could ever ask for. I’m very proud of you. Love you always and forever. Jem xxxxxxxccc

    • I know how much you love me darling and am very grateful to have you as a daughter and the gift of my lovely grandson xxx

  2. Good Luck today Deb and Colin, we are all sending positive thoughts. Tomorrow WILL be a good Birthday, partly because you will have some magnificent presents to open, partly because there will be a yummy lasagne to eat, and partly because you will have lots of great company xxxxxxxxxx

  3. All the very best for today, Deborah. Will be thinking of you.
    And enjoy being surrounded by your family for your birthday tomorrow. xxx

  4. Thinking of you and Colin and sending our fondest love as always.Have a good birthday tomorrow with your lovely friends and family.

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