Busy week ahead

Sometimes I wonder how I managed to fit work in. I was often up and out of the house by seven, nowadays I am lucky to get out of bed before nine. Not that I’m complaining, to be honest, I am starting to appreciate the extra lie in, especially as I am usually doped up on sleeping tablets.

This week we have quite a bit to look forward to, starting today with a lunch date, with some good friends in the village. I am also trying to get some actual work done today on the leaflets and the BrainBox manual, and have a coaching session possibly arranged for later this afternoon.

Tomorrow I have a business meeting in the morning and hoping to catch up with a friend and colleague in the afternoon. Then Wednesday and Thursday are long chemo days, leaving just Friday free at the moment. I have a spa voucher from mum to look forward to booking and my vouchers to spend at John Lewis, although I am not too excited at going back into the Welwyn store. There is little time to get bored.

Presently I am feeling so much better both mentally and physically. It is quite remarkable as a week ago I was starting to think I may be crippled for life, being in such agony with my back. The trouble with Myeloma is no one knows just how long the good moments will last, or what effects the toxic treatments will have on your body. As I have said before, Myeloma is such an individual cancer, that although you can look at other peoples experiences you never know if you will have similar symptoms or responses to treatment. That’s why I am grabbing the good times whilst I can and when I have to take it a little more easy I shall be prepared.

My creative juices are flowing and work awaits.

Have a great day despite anything they may have told you on Daybreak!

Deborah xxx

1 thought on “Busy week ahead

  1. I forgot to comment on this entry Mum. I read each and every one of them. Love you xxx. P.s we missed you this week but glad we saw you 27th jan 🙂 xxx

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