Buttons for Bones

What a brilliant idea of my very talented, creative sister-in-law, Lorna. She has been creating some lovely pieces of art using old buttons and had the idea of selling them at The Vintage Barns in Knebworth (link to follow) with the profits going towards Myeloma Research. I am sure people could rummage around their homes for some old buttons to go towards such a good cause. Buttons will certainly help raise awareness and much needing funding into research about Myeloma, this increasingly common blood cancer that eats away at your bone marrow causing the bones to crumble. I am experiencing the very problem, currently around the base of my spine, but luckily the steroids are keeping the back pain to a minimum at the moment. I am so delighted with the Buttons idea and feel quite excited about getting involved in some Button Art myself. Just look at some of the amazing images I have found.



Don’t they look lovely. If you could do anything towards marketing this idea or collecting buttons I would be most grateful. Perhaps you could ask around at work or put a notice in a local shop. The buttons could be delivered to The Vintage Barns or if you send me an email I could drop you my address or arrange to pick them up sometime.

And now for that link: www.facebook.com/pages/Dressing-Room-Boutique/154297627921368


Meanwhile yesterday was a long day with my drug arriving over from the States and into the UCLH pharmacy at 1.30 so by 3.30 I was plugged in and receiving and we were home by 7pm, tired and hungry.

I hope you have a great weekend, I plan to rest, interspersed with a little bit of shopping.

Deborah x

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