Sitting in Starbucks… Tottenham Court Road at 6.58am. It has taken us an hour and 10 minutes to get here. If we left 20 minutes later it would have taken over 2 hours! Looking forward to my breakfast of salted caramel latte and porridge. Well there has to be some compensation for getting down here so early.

Today is the third week of my first round of chemo and so far all is going well. My back ache has even disappeared thanks to the steroids.

I am in good spirits as Colin and I are really enjoying working together on our various projects. It’s all going marvellously well. The BrainBox resource should be ready for a sample print to be made up by the end of next week. If all looks good I shall send out a few dummy packs to drum up some interest in more sales.

We are so busy that we are looking for some quotes for someone else to put in our upstairs bathroom. I have chosen all the bits and pieces including sparkly floor tiles. We want to get it done pretty quickly so I have a lovely hygienic new bathroom by the time my immune system reaches it’s lowest. I am very excited about it, so much so that I was on my iPad this morning at 4.30am requesting tile samples. And no I don’t take my next large dose of steroids until tonight!

Well off to the vampires now to see if they can find a vein to draw blood. My arms look like I have been roughly treated, they are covered in bruises in a variety of shades of purple, blue and green. I then have an appointment with the consultant followed up by the chemo. I just hope it’s not too long a day but we have bought the laptop in with us.

Have a good day and please remember to save your buttons for bones.

Love Deborah xx

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