Back on track

After quite a ride on a fast bit of track on my roller coaster jaunt, I am back on board a much gentler ride, although who knows what twists and turns may be involved.

Yesterday’s hospital trip ran pretty smoothly and my lovely nurse even managed to change an appointment for me, so I fitted in a Skeltal Survey prior to coming home. This has saved us travelling up to London next week resulting in a whole week off. Whoopie!

My spirits are up and the steroids or some other excitement, caused me to indulge in some early morning browsing. I am so excited about planning our new bathroom. Yesterday’s post included some sparkly quartz flooring tile samples which look just perfect. Can you imagine waking up and entering a bathroom every morning glistening with diamonds? well that’s how it’s going to feel for me and I can’t wait. Next week we have a lovely guy coming round to help us plan and work out how he may be able to put my dream bathroom into action. Then I really will have very little to be miserable about.

I just love anything that sparkles, perhaps I was a Magpie in a previous life? I now own three pairs of sparkly slippers and if I had my way, I would wear them shopping to Lidyl this morning! I don’t have many diamonds but to tell the truth Swzorski crystals do the same for me.

Yesterday Colin thoroughly enjoyed lunch out with a friend from the village, a pub lunch and great conversation was just what he needed so thank you Patrick. When I got home he was full of the stories he heard and one that touched my heart was the Original Tea Bag Company. It has been set up in South Africa and has helped lots of people living and working in an impoverished community to find employment and a new lease of life. They produce art and crafts made out of used tea bags and they look wonderful. I do urge you to take a look at them yourselves by following the link below. The items for sale are very cheap in price but postage costs are pretty expensive. I am however going to email the sister of the lady who set it up, as she lives in the UK and see if there is somewhere more local we could purchase these items and do our bit to help these people and keep the company going.

Right I had better get to the shop if I want to beat the crowds.

Have a good day and weekend just in case I don’t write again for a couple of days.

Deborah xxx

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