My husband…a published author?

That’s right. It was a surprise even to himself. Yesterday when Colin opened his copy of MMM (Motorhome Monthly Magazine) he was flabigastered  to notice the top pitch article was by someone with similar motorhomes and the same name as him! Then he remembered writing the article whilst on our travels in France last Summer. We were over the moon.


Life is good at the moment and yesterday was no exception. Mum and I enjoyed a lovely massage and facial at Fairfield Spa and the bathroom fitter visited.

My Hollywood dream bathroom is starting to turn into a reality, Swarovski crystals and all.

The BrainBox manual is two pages off completion, buttons are starting to arrive, my knitting is growing and all is well with the world.


On top of all this, I have a good amount of energy which will be extra boosted by 40mg of steroids this evening.

Have another good day yourselves.

Deborah x

1 thought on “My husband…a published author?

  1. It’s lovely to hear how great you’re feeling Mum. I see your nails still look nice as holding the magazine. Cool that Colin got an article in it. I am trying to find buttons. Love you xxxx

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