Is it Really Friday already?

Does’t time fly when your having fun. Yesterday was no exception. I was well looked after at the Cancer Hair Care service and then enjoyed a lovely lunch and great company with one of the kindest people I know. I rounded this up with an impromptu visit to Step2 and then got home and carried on working.

We managed to finish the BrainBox manual and other components ready for proof reading before sending off to the printers.

Today I am off to the Hospice for some reflexology then back home to catch up with another lovely friend over a morning coffee.

Here Is a rather scary morning greeting, caution is advised!


What a great week I have had. The only problem has been sleep with the steroids causing me to wake just before 2am and I haven’t manage to get get back to sleep yet. No worries I still feel as if I have plenty of energy left and can rest up this afternoon and do some more bathroom planning.

I hope to catch up with the girls this weekend and then next week will be the start of
cycle 2. I should also get some blood test results to find out how the three chemo drugs are performing.

I had some lovely comments and emails following yesterday’s blog. It’s good to know so many of you are still out there reading along on a regular basis. Yesterday’s blog had 196 hits and all in all I have received over 45,395, how good is that!

I am forever in your debt, it feels so good to have you by my side.

Have a lovely weekend, seek out the joy and it will be there for you to find.


4 thoughts on “Is it Really Friday already?

  1. Of course I read your blog daily… I have you to thank for my exciting personal and professional journey via Human Givens over the last few years, for which I am so very grateful for! X Reni xx

  2. Hi Deborah, I following your blog regularly even thought I don’t have MM, my husband has lived with it for 6 years (this May). Your upbeat attitude is amazing. My hubby does well most days, but as you know, some days are worse than others. His had two SC transplants and is on Revlimid everyday until his cancer gets immuned to it. He and I are still grateful for all that we have and make the most of every minute..of every day. Life is very, very good. Stay strong, and keep up the positive outlook. You’re amazing and thanks for all the smiles you have given me, Many blessings!!

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