Slow down

This is what I need to tell myself. The steroids don’t help!

Yesterday we finally finished the BrainBox manual prior to proof reading and last minute alterations. When high on steroids it’s easy to miss silly mistakes so I am grateful for those with a sharper eye and a far superior grasp of the English language. Today our friend Dan will glance an eye over it before it goes off to the printers and check important things like ‘bleed’ and ‘slug’, Don’t ask it’s all very technical you know.

I also managed to clear out lots of drawers yesterday and do some sorting and throwing out in preparation for the starting of the bathroom. I can hardly contain myself with excitement. I do find it hard to get rid of things though, especially books but I guess if I haven’t looked at them for twenty years I am unlikely to do so now. And then there are all those clothes that come out in the winter to go back in the wardobe unworn year after year. Just in case I lose weight or put it on and that skirt I bought fifteen years ago eventually fits. It’s rather crazy really but then I did find myself wearing a sequinned skirt at Christmas that I have had since a I was fifteen. There are just some things that hold sentimental value!

I am looking forward to seeing Jem and Elliot again today. Elliot enjoys splashing in the puddles and if time allowed we would build a boat. Luckily the water hasn’t come into our home yet but it is very close to doing so and I am sure I can hear those ducks laughing at us.

Tomorrow it’s back down to the hospital again for day 1 of cycle 2. I will also see the consultant and have a number of tests. Fingers crossed the chemo is starting to work but it’s early days yet.

Have a good day and hers hoping the sun comes out and dries up some of this rain.

Deborah x

3 thoughts on “Slow down

  1. Maybe I should proof read it later too… “Have a good day and hers hoping”. Elliot and I look forward to seeing you as always. We love you millions xxx

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