6am and yet another early Wednesday morning

Wednesday’s are my least favourite days. Early mornings with long waits and an extra 31 drugs to take on top of my daily doses. I try to add something fun to Wednesdays so this week I have booked myself another reflexology session whilst my chemo takes place. We also pick up Pollyanna for work on a Wednesday so it’s good to have a chat with her on the trip down to London.

My body is tolerating the chemo well but Wednesdays is the day I feel at my worse with the double whammy of toxins doing there thing and making me feel quite nauseous and tired in the process. Still it’s all worth it for the end result – life!

We have just had a full English breakfast at the cafe used for filming in Sherlock Holmes. Very reasonably priced at £4.40 each and that’s in the centre of London.

Over the last few days I have managed to write three more children’s mental health booklets so we are doing well. We might try to work on our website whilst we are here at the hospital.

Meanwhile here is a lovely rainbow I managed to catch from our back door yesterday.


Have a good day and stay strong


8 thoughts on “6am and yet another early Wednesday morning

  1. Hi Deborah,

    Is this your email address? I wanted to ask you something please.




  2. Hi Deborah, just a quick hello from Cheltenham and to let you know we are, as ever, thinking if you all. Darren was up at Glebe road for a flying repairs visit last week – our fence and shed were victims of the winds but amazingly the 100+ year old roof survived (touch wood!!!)

    Hope today isn’t too gruelling and you can relax a bit with the reflexology.

    Hope Colin is also doing ok, with lots of love to you both. And feline Colin says miaow


  3. I look forward to proof reading the leaflets sometime soon. Especially as it means I get to see you! :). Love you millions mum xxxx

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