A lovely weekend

Wow what a lovely surprise to be able to enjoy a lovely sunny day, yesterday. I do hope it was as glorious a day wherever you were in the world.

My whole weekend has been pretty special with a most delicious meal and great company on Saturday evening. The food was worthy of a top class restaurant and we enjoyed the best lemon meringue pie we had ever tasted, I even had a couple of glasses of bubbly!

I caught up with Pollyanna on Sunday and chatted away as we enjoyed lunch together in the garden.

The bathroom is now plastered and tiling starts on Tuesday so all is going well as my Hollywood bathroom starts to take shape. I can’t wait to share the end result with you.

This week is the start of my third cycle of chemo. So far my body is continuing to tolerate the combination of chemo drugs well and I have managed to wean myself off all my pain killers. Most of the time I am feeling fine but I do have periods when my body feels exhausted and I can do little more than get back to that succumbing again and just lying around on the sofa which is pretty frustrating.

Today we are hoping the rest of our printing for the BrainBox resource turns up and then we might have a quick trip to Ikea to return something and pick up a few bits and pieces. Tomorrow I am really looking forward to meeting up with a new and old friend in the afternoon. The rest of the week will be spent working and going back down to London for treatment on Wednesday and Thursday.

Have a good week.

Deborah x

Ps Thank you to all who have donated buttons I now need to get down to producing some art works with them!

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