The train has slowed down but not stopped yet.

The effects of the chemo seem to be catching up with me and slowing down my engines. The large amount of steroids tries to re stoke the fire but it’s struggling. I need to get used to the fatigue once again. It is a different beast from regular tiredness but this morning my body feels a bit stronger so we are planning a trip to Ikea as we have some things that need returning.

It was lovely to have our gorgeous grandson on Saturday night, he is such an amazing little boy who goes to bed smiling and wakes up 12 hours later still smiling. He brings such joy into our lives and we want the very best for him as I am sure all grandparents do. He loves being outdoors in the fresh air and we have the perfect garden now for him to run around in.

The bathroom is slowly coming along and I am hoping it will be finished by next weekend.

Last night we slept downstairs in the conservatory so that I could be closer to the downstairs bathroom. The room was lit up by the full moon and it was great to watch the sun rise this morning.

This week we will be getting on with our mental health booklets for Step2 and starting to put some more children’s mental health resources together. Unfortunately this will be interrupted by the usual Wednesday, Thursday trips up to London.

I am trying to reframe Wednesdays as I am starting to dread them big time. I shall have to find a way of seeing them as a more enjoyable healing experience. I shall put all my visualisation skills to work.

Best Wishes

Deborah x

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