Here I sit in my big red chair… another Wednesday rolls by in my parallel universe.
Following my visit to A&E on Sunday and my overnight stay at Addenbrooks I was given an extra appointment to see the consultant today. It was decided that the best plan was for me to have some radiation therapy once the next three cycles of chemo are done and dusted. This will hopefully reduce the mass that is growing outside my spine. The good news is that the soft tissue mass is not an Extramedullary Myeloma which would indicate a more aggressive type of myeloma. I need to be thankful for that, but radiation therapy puts further back any holiday plans away in our motorhome. Once again Myeloma rules and dictates my every move or so it too often seems.

The exciting news is my lovely bathroom is almost finished and today inbetween blood tests, consultant appointments and chemo we managed to find our way to a rather large TK Maxx. I have purchased some lovely new towels and a candle ready for the weekend bathroom launch. Look out for the big reveal sometime soon.

Yesterday Colin and I were very excited to have received another 2 orders through our website for the new BrainBox resource so that’s 103 sold so far. Hopefully they will get well used and make a difference to even more children’s mental health and emotional well being. Please do visit our website and take a look, we have plenty more just waiting to be sent out.

Fingers crossed I will leave my big red chair and return to the real world in the next couple of hours.

Deborah x

5 thoughts on “Here I sit in my big red chair…

  1. Hi Deborah

    I don’t know if you remember me but you did some great sessions with young people I worked with at Youth Programmes a few years ago, before 2007, I can’t believe it was that long ago. I have been following your blog and am so sorry that you are in this situation but not surprised that your approach is so positive and inspiring, the way I always found you to be. I had breast cancer a number of years ago and know the benefits of positive thinking. I wondered whether you are familiar with the Gerson Therapy? It has been used with great results in many cancers including myeloma, I used something similar when I had breast cancer. I wish you all the very best.
    Enjoy your new bathroom, I look forward to photos!

    Best wishes
    Bernie Ryan

    • Hi Bernie
      How lovely to hear from you of course I remember, is it really 7 years ago?
      I have heard about Gerson Therapy as I researched so much when first fully diagnosed last year. I didn’t go down that road though as I felt I had to consider all the evidence and risk concerns. I am much more careful with my diet whilst still trying to enjoy my life but I think it was the coffee enema’s that really put me off.
      Thank you for getting in touch and taking the time to read my blog as you can see I am still rather passionate about mental health.
      Take Care and if you ever find yourself anywhere near Hinxworth (just off the A1 from Stevenage) do pop over for a cuppa.

      • lovely to hear from you Deborah. I know what you mean about the coffee enemas, I have a friend who swears by them but I think she went too far with them and caused herself problems.
        I would love to have a cuppa with you sometime, I know someone who lives in Hinxworth and I think you may know her, Sharon Tyler-Dawson, I was her youth worker many years ago.
        Hope to see you soon, all the best.

      • Great, yes I know Sharon she is a lovely person and has been a good friend.
        Good to hear you have a BrainBox I hope you have managed to put it to good use.

      • p.s. I now work for the Targeted Youth Service and we have your brain box, keep up the great work. xxx

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