A little bit of Hollywood comes to Hinxworth.

Finally I can reveal my little bit of heaven. A quiet sanctuary, a place to relax and enjoy my book. Clean, hygienic and most of all sparkly. Just look at that mirror!

Last night I lay there surrounded by candles with a naughty Bailey’s by my side and the bath is running again now.

It may only be small but it’s impact is enormous and it’s my favourite place to be right now, just perfect for Mothers Day morning.

So a big Thank You for all that made this possible.

My lovely nephew Sebastian for turning the dream into reality with his very generous financial contribution, and especially for the sparkle in my Hollywood floor tiles.

Aunty Mary who bought my lovely new towels (contributing to my bathroom fund when it was just wishful thinking last year)

Kate for my shiny white tiles, design advice and patience.

And Paul and his team for actually doing all the hard work and such a great job.

I think you will agree that’s some improvement.



Enjoy your Sunday.

Happy Mothers Day

Deborah x

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