Joy to the world!

Ok it may only be 2am and due to my steroid fix I am wide awake but I am feeling JOYFUL.

I am lying here in my hospital bed pain free.

After experiencing such crippling backache I am so grateful for this experience, so much so that, I feel I could jump out of bed and kiss the nurses (don’t worry I won’t). Either the steroids, the new opiate drug or the combination of the two did the trick.

It’s now just a simple matter of finding out the cause and this should hopefully be revealed tomorrow in the MRI scan results. The likelihood is that the mass on my spine has grown or is pressing on somewhere it shouldn’t. This being the case a dose or three of radiotherapy should alleviate the problem. The normal X-ray didn’t show up any fractures but this is still another possibility that may be more apparent in the scan.

I have learnt to take each moment as they come and at this moment I feel like rejoicing,

I think I shall reward myself with a game or two of Solitaire!

Thank you to you all for your prayers and positive wishes.

Deborah x

5 thoughts on “Joy to the world!

  1. How wonderful, I am so pleased for you, let’s hope you will be home soon with the latest hiccup fixed.
    Lots of love Mum

  2. Bless you Debs,so thankful to know your pain is now controlled.Hope this means that you will soon be home to enjoy long luxurious baths in the new

  3. Deb if you ever need a dog sitter for Frodo please ask! I hope your pain free period continues and you have a lovely Easter. x

    • Thank you Sue. Frodo is enjoying a lovely holiday with Colin’s parents at the moment but I shall bare your kind offer in mind. He is such a lovely boy and hardly any trouble everybody who meets him falls in love and he just wants to squash up next to them on the sofa xxx

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