Nice surprise to see my name in print.

The other day I received a book in the post which to be honest I thought was a catalogue and just put to the side and almost into the recycling bin. On closer examination it was this.image I had forgotten I had written a chapter for this book with a colleague some time ago. It includes the BrainBox, LAMBSS and the Visual CAF, tools I developed during my career as a nurse working with children’s mental health. It’s available as a paperback or kindle version through Amazon and contains a number of physical types of clinical assessments as well as my chapter on mental health assessments.

Other news is that today we are having a carpet fitted on our newly painted hall stairs and landing and going into our bedroom which is very exciting. The house is really coming on and we feel much more organised. It will be great to have this done before our weekend away and then my trip into hospital.

We are really looking forward to a couple of nights away in the motorhome before my hospital admission. I must admit I am starting to feel a little nervous about the prospect of subjecting my body to the large amount of toxins it’s going to receive next week but the job has got to be done. Yesterday we were back down to London again where I had some tests on my heart and all seems pretty healthy there. It appears that I am a bit of a mystery to my consultants and I am confused about my para proteins as my cancer markers seem to be low but the cancer is still so active somewhere in my body. I don’t really know how they know this other than because of the mass that grew up around my spine that showed up on the MRI scan. Hopefully the last radiation treatment I received on Tuesday has got rid of most of this. The pain killers are working well although I am feeling a little sick which was a side effect I was told I could expect.

I get to see my lovely grandson again this afternoon who always brings such joy and laughter along with him.

Today will be a good day.

Enjoy yours!

Deborah x

4 thoughts on “Nice surprise to see my name in print.

  1. Hello Deborah,
    I don’t know if you remember me…I was Tracy Coultas last time we met, and I work for the NHS Innovation Hub. I was reviewing some information the other day about our past Innovation Competitions, and these included the BrainBox. Having seen that I thought I would see if you were still at Step2 and that is when my Google search brought me to your blog. Having read about your last year or so, I really wanted to drop you a line to say that you are one of the most inspirational, committed and creative inventors I have met during my time at the Innovation Hub, and the post today about your tools appearing in that publication is just fantastic. Your blog is just as inspirational and I really do hope that your treatment continues positively so that you and Colin can travel many more miles in your trusty camper van (I still remember the story you told me about finding it again in a field!). Take care, Tracy x

    • Thank you Tracy for your kind words. Of course I remember you and how helpful you were to both Colin and I. The BrainBox resource has been developed into a much more cost effective and portable tool and I think we have sold 111 now which is very exciting. Any help promoting it further would be much appreciated. I am also putting some other resources together and we will set up a website soon for our new little company called Starfish House Publishing. I was very sad to have to take early retirement due to my ill health but it is good to still be involved in children’s mental health even if it is in a much smaller way.
      If ever you are up this end of the county please do pop by for a coffee.
      Deborah x

  2. We love you more than you’ll ever know Mum/Grandma. Enjoying being at yours :). Always and forever, your proud daughter nd loving Grandson xxxx

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