It feels so good… be home. after 8 nights in the hospital it was great to sleep in my own bed again last night. I am feeling a little weary and I am finding it hard to eat or drink much without feeling sick but I think this is just the side effects of the radiation. Apparently the radiation continues to work for some weeks after treatment has been completed. It has done a good job so far shrinking the two masses that had wrapped themselves around my spine. One was apparently pressing on a nerve so no wonder I was in so much pain.

I saw the consultant before I left the hospital. He said I had got off lightly and had expected me to be a lot worse than I was. My temperature kept going up to 39 and I was feeling pretty rough so not sure how bad it could really get? On Monday they will have a meeting to discuss the next steps. I will either be put through the same regime again or go straight into the stem cell transplant. I really hope it’s the latter as I don”t fancy another round of such intense chemo. I do think however, they are more likely to put me through another cycle of DT-PACE, which is the name they give to this intense chemotherapy treatment, as reading more about it most people do have 2 cycles. That means more steroids and another fat face! I shall be pleased once the whole lot is over and I can start to recover. One thing is for sure there will be no visiting Bordeaux to watch the marathon in September. I shall just have to dream of a special week away some time later in the year.

I am very excited about catching up with my lovely nephew today. He is in England for just a couple of days as he now manages Leona Lewis and she is over to sing at the FA cup final. I will be able to show him my¬†glamorous Hollywood bathroom that he kindly made possible. So the family is coming together for lunch at Kate’s house. Unfortunately mum won’t be joining us as she is on holiday in Greece. But I will get to see both girls unfortunately my lovely grandson was sick last night so sadly I won’t get to see him today.

I have been showered by gifts and cards and feel thoroughly spoilt. My aunty and uncle sent me some money so I had some fun shopping online from my hospital bed and little treats keep on arriving through the post. It’s very exciting as I had forgotten exactly what I had ordered and yesterday morning I received two lovely necklaces and two pairs of earrings. It’s no fun having cancer but the kindness people have showed really does cheer me up. I have had some lovely cards with such thoughtful words. All of which are much appreciated. I have also entered lots of competition so I am awaiting that winning letter to arrive at any moment.

Here is a lovely picture of Pollyanna today and one of all my lovely cards.



Have a good Sunday

Deborah x

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