It’s good to be home

I have been back home for a week now. I spent the first few days in bed but I am now getting dressed and slowly making it downstairs. I still feel very fatigued and nauseous but each day I am a little bit stronger. We have asked our friends and relatives to text or ring before coming over because some days we just don’t feel up to having visitors and don’t want to appear rude by turning them away. It is surprising how tiring just having a conversation can be. The Macmillian nurse came out to see me last Sunday as I was feeling particularly poorly and I was due to have the district nurses round to flush and redress my pic line and take bloods on Wednesday. Due to poor organisation and communication the district nurses apparently didn’t have the right equipment for the job so I had a call on Thursday requesting we go back up to UCLH yesterday. We have a day full of appointments there next Wednesday so have managed to put it off until then as quite honestly I just don’t feel I have the strength to go back down there again at this moment in time.

Yesterday I had a visit from a good friend and ex colleague. It was good to catch up and both Colin and I really appreciated the homemade quiche, chocolate and ginger cake and soda bread. Every day this week I have received a card or a gift in the post from some kind person which has really helped to cheer me up.

I have received the provisional date of July 9th for my stem cell transplant. Both Colin and I are pretty anxious about this as we are well aware of how sick I am likely to become. Not that this last round of chemo hasn’t had quite an effect on me both physically and emotionally but apparently the transplant is the next step up according to my consultant. I have recently been reading the blog of a fellow health professional who also fairly recently received a Myeloma diagnosis. He is about a month ahead of me as far as treatment is concerned so has recently had his stem cell transplant. It is very useful to read about his experiences, although it can be very different for each patient. It was particularly comforting to read it yesterday and learn that he had a day of ‘normality’. For those of you who may wish to find out a little more about what I could be likely to experience you can read his blog by visiting
Tomorrow is a fundraising event for Cancer Hair Care. They have been very good to me and I will try to pop along in the morning if I feel well enough.. Thank you Wendy for the wig, I shall put it on tomorrow even if I don’t make it to the event itself.


Have a great weekend and thank you all for your continuous support. Xxx

6 thoughts on “It’s good to be home

  1. Morning xx sending you love and healing xx what a journey Deborah such a brave and strong lady xx thinking of you always xx

  2. I still think that you are amazing….you are an inspiration and the mental strength that you have is incredible. Keep fighting Debs. xxxxxx

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