Just when you think everything is going OK….

….I go and get a temperature and end up at the Lister Hospital in Stevenage.


I must admit I did feel very poorly. In the morning I had experienced a rough time in the toileting department but I was still determined to put on the planned lunch for my youngest daughter and her relatively new boyfriend. (This being only the second time we have met him). Colin went to great efforts to put on a lovely spread but not much was eaten sadly. Never mind there will be plenty for today. At least Colin, Pollyanna, Jem and Elliot enjoyed it.

I was so disappointed to find myself stuck in hospital again especially when I was so looking forward to some time at home before my transplant when I am likely to be in hospital for three weeks or more.

The problem with Myeloma is that it is so difficult to plan for anything. This morning I was really looking forward to having some friends over for coffee but that has now had to be cancelled.

It isn’t easy but I am having to put my visualisation skills to the test. I am imaging getting through the transplant and enjoying some great times ahead. I am looking forward to spending more time sitting out in the garden in the sunshine and going away for trips in our motor home.

Toby, my brother, kindly sent me this song and video and I think it’s just perfect, so I will spend quite a bit of time watching this over the next few days.


Fingers crossed I have managed to persuade the doctor to let me home today on oral anti biotics!

Deborah x

Ps. I was pleased to see the 6 C’s displayed in my room in the casualty department.


14 thoughts on “Just when you think everything is going OK….

  1. Great song! Or you could listen to Gloria Gaynor “I will survive”! Walk out the door, myeloma! Will try and find a link to post you! Keep strong – the visual imagery will help, I am sure, it is so powerful! Hope you get home soon! X

  2. Sorry to hear about the hospitalization. I hope you are resting comfortably at home now. Strange that the boyfriend wouldn”t eat . He must be shy. Sending positive viibes to you do you have an exact date for transplant?

    • I think you are right Ellen the boyfriend was shy.
      Unless plans change I am due in for my transplant on July 9th.
      Thank you for keeping in touch x

      • Deborah,

        I am reading some great books by a retired American surgeon named Bernie Siegel. He believes that state of mind is key to recovery, and that we can harness our mental capabilities to help heal, in conjunction with appropriate medical treatments. In addition to books, there are CD’s that take you through guided imagery exercises and meditation. (Unfortunately, I have to fight the urge to sleep, they are so relaxing!) If nothing else, they are calming and hopeful. Makes one feel as though she is DOING something positive. Just thought I would mention it. I downloaded a couple of the books from Amazon on my Kindle. I also bought a couple of the CD’s, and put them on my iphone (with the help of my daughter! — I am horrible at technology!) Let me know if you need more info about this. Happy to share. I hope you are having a decent day.

  3. Thinking positive along with you Deborah, and hoping you’ll be home now, enjoying the song some more.sending an extra hug, Nicola

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  4. Hi Nicola we never quite know what is happening from day to day. This was Deb yesterday, she was allowed home this afternoon, providing she returns to the hospital tonight at 10pm for some intravenous antibiotic. Ian told me he wants to be near Lynda and Kaarina has a grandchild on Victoria Island. Love Jill

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  5. Hope you escape Lister soon. The men’s urology ward is not too bad, but it’s still better to be elsewhere! Love Viv and John

  6. Hi Deborah, glad to see from your post your convincing skills worked and you are home now. Positive thoughts and wishes aimed your way from across the pond.

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