The sun is shining ….

…and I am home. I did in fact manage to get back from the Lister Hospital on Sunday afternoon with a promise to return at 10pm in the evening for another dose of IV antibiotics.

On Monday I returned again,twice, this time to Ambulatory care. Nobody had told me what time to turn up but I had noticed on the door it had said it opened at 8am so I thought it best to get there early to get it over and done with. No such luck! I was told contrary to the notice it didn’t actually open until 9am but I could sit around and wait. Nowadays I seem to spend far too much of my time waiting around in hospitals and I can tell you I wasn’t happy. I was even more frustrated,to find out that although the nurses could get on with removing my cannula and taking my bloods, I was going to have to wait another couple of hours to see the doctor!

I decided to come home in between seeing the nurses and doctor as my patience was running out. This was a really good move as Colin and I were delighted to be able to catch up with our lovely friends Dave and Fiona and I felt thoroughly spoilt with the basket full of thoughtful gifts that they brought along.

Unfortunately when I returned to see the doctor I learnt that my blood results were not looking good and that I was neutropenic again. This calls, once again, for more precautionary methods as far as the foods I eat and the people as I am very vulnerable to infection. I felt pretty sick and tired by it all. Never mind the sun was shining and I had another lovely surprise as the postman turned up with an enormous parcel. It was a large tasting hamper from the Chocolate Trading Co, with the most delicious variety of chocolate’s I have ever tried. This came from my Aunty Mo in Australia, and it really changed my mood around again. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by such kindness.

Yesterday was spent relaxing in the garden, mum and dad popped by to drop is some tasty fruits and other things they thought both Colin and I would enjoy. I had a call from UCLH requesting I go up to London and see them again on Thursday considering all that has happened over the last few days. They will run their own tests and i expect decide wether to postpone or continue to go ahead with the planned transplant next week. I shall keep you all posted.

I am really disappointed not to be able to take Elliot on our planned trip to Woburn today but being Neutropenic I have been adviced against it. Hopefully my blood results will be better on Thursday and we can arrange to go early next week instead.

Have I shared with you my latest exciting news? I forget which bits I put on here and which I report on Facebook.

Well Colin and I will become Grandparents once again in February as Jem is expecting her second child. Before Elliot was born I hadn’t appreciated how much joy and happiness a grandchild could bring. It is a great privilege to play such a important role in his growing up and now we will have another little person to love.

So on that sunny and very happy note I wish you all a great Wednesday.

Deborah x

5 thoughts on “The sun is shining ….

  1. Elliot’s glad he got to see you today still. And glad you’re excited to be grandparents again. Elliot and baby have the best Grandparents in the world! I obviously had to let baby share you with Elliot! Xxxx

  2. Thinking of you sending lots of love and positive thoughts, congrats on the brilliant news another grandchild will keep you both busy xxx

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