Friday – Day One

It all started off pretty promising, but I have learnt not to plan or get my hopes up about much. After hanging around in Ambulatory Care we managed to make it downstairs in time for a successful session with a counsellor. Then it was back up to Ambulatory Care to see the doctor before being allowed back to the Cotton Rooms for some much needed rest. Unfortunately just as we got settled back down, there was a call to return to Ambi Care as my potassium levels were pretty low, so I had to hang around there for another three hours or so. Finally we go back to the Cotton rooms and I settled down in my PJ’s. I took my temperature about 5.30 and oh dear it was 38.2 not a good sign. I thought I would just leave it half hour before taking again but unfortunately it was the same. This meant contacting Ambi Care who instructed us to get down to A&E. Another 3 hours later I was finally sent up to the ward where I hung around for another 45 mins or so before a nurse finally came to see me and relieve me of the drug I was holding up, that was supposedly going into my pick line.

Oh dear, I do look glum!

So here I am on T16 room 20. It’s not the best of rooms as I think it smells of piss. (Sorry) I do however have a good view over London and an en suite shower room.

Last night I slept on and off, in between the various visits from the nurses for obs etc.

Who knows what today will bring. My temperature seems to have gone back down. I suppose it would be too much to hope to be sent back to the Cotton Rooms?

Deborah x

5 thoughts on “Friday – Day One

  1. Oh dear Mum/Grandma. Well it wasn’t going to be a magic recovery after everything you’ve gone through. But we are still proud of you as you’re doing great! Sorry to read you’ve been ill and here, there and everywhere it seems. Just remember you’ve got a new grandchild to look forward to next year. And Elliot to see when you have recovered. We love you millions and always will. Lots of love Jemma, Elliot and Bump xxxx bump aka very noticeable already!!!! Xx

  2. Hi, Deborah! My name is Sirkku. I’ve been reading your blogg here in Sweden and I’ve been through the very same as you. I’m right now 10 month old in my new life. My SCT was in sept. 4. I REALLY know where you are right now.
    It was hard, and hard but even if I had difficulties to believe that I manage so I DID! And so will you too! Do not give up!
    I send lot of straight to your fight and hope you soon will be ok.
    I’m quite ok, I have my back pain but I learned to live with it. I’m training a LOT and this moment I have a good will be so for you ,too!
    I think of you and I send you huge POWERHUGS !!
    And HAPPY yesterdays BIRTHDAY !!

    • Dear Sirkku
      How lovely to hear from you and that things are going pretty well for you following your transplant. I am looking forward to some time when I may feel well and be able to enjoy life again, I am sure it won’t be long now.
      Thank you for your good wishes and comment.

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