Monday 14th July – Day 4

I’ve just painted my nails which I think gives a good indication of how I am doing so far. Although I spiked a temperature yesterday afternoon it seems to have settled down again. I can only report a rather sore mouth this morning. So far I am more than happy with progress.
The sun is shining and all is well with the world. Well at least at 7.58am it is. Unfortunately the world of Myeloma can be pretty unpredictable but I am keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth ride.
Forever the optimist
Deborah xxxx

5 thoughts on “Monday 14th July – Day 4

  1. Aww nice to see you’ve done your nails. Hope your temperature stays down. We love you. Love Jemma, Elliot and Bump xxx

  2. Good to hear how well you are doing – love the silver nails! Good metaphor there – about how you’re ‘nailing’ this awful disease! Hope things continue to go well for you! Love Reni

  3. I think it would be safe to say: “when the going gets tough the tough paint their nails”?! Good for you Deb, you are the most valiant person I know. Thinking of you, love, Nicola

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