July 15th – Day 5

Just a quick update.

Feeling pretty groggy this morning as my temperature remains at 38.2 despite numerous ice pops.. My throat is  also extremely sore make swallowing anything pretty difficult.

But….. besides those minor irritations all is going well. Yesterday I even had a visit from a lovely aromatherapist, which was a very relaxing experience and just what the doctor ordered.

Kate and Mum are popping in to play nurse maid today as Colin has to get the car fixed. It will be great to see them but they may find me a little quieter than usual. Probably not a bad thing.

The care I am receiving here at UCLH couldn’t be better. The nursing staff are particularly skilled and very holistic in their approach. Nothing is too much trouble.

Have a good day
Deborah xxxxx

3 thoughts on “July 15th – Day 5

  1. Hope your throat pain eases up. I have heard that it is very uncomfortable. Are you able to eat anything? Hoping today is a good day for you!

  2. Hi Deborah, hope your throat is feeling much better when you read this and temp is normal. I loved
    the nails. Very nice work! Glad that Kate and your Mum are there with you.

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