July 16th – Day 6

Well I am definitely Neutropenic now. Today I start my GSF injections which aim to help chivvy on my immune system. So I should be starting on an upward trend. If this is so I think I have got away more than lightly. True my throat is very sore and my diet consists of not much more than ice pops at the moment. And what comes out the other end is less than pleasant but so far I haven’t had any of the sickness I was dreading.
To keep myself uplifted I am recording the days on my whiteboard so that I can see how I am doing. I saw my lovely stem cell nurse yesterday and she was delighted on my progress and reckoned I would be home in about a weeks time. I just need to get my temperature under control. Fingers are all crossed.
I hope you are all OK.
Thank you for your continuos support.
Deborah xxxx

2 thoughts on “July 16th – Day 6

  1. Hang in there deborah! You are thru the worst of it i am sure. I understand that once you get the immune boosters you start to feel a lot better fast! Thanks for the updates ellen

  2. I can really FEEL how you feel right now. Try to find some good thing(s) to focus in the worst moments!
    When I was told that it’ll be all right I had difficulties to take it. I thought : “you don’t know how this is! ”
    I found some easing when my daughter slept over in my hospital room and was easing my pain just being there! Reminding me of a ” normal” world.
    I tried to go biking a training bike, tried to make some bodyexercises, even if I felt an enormous tiredness. Fatigue .
    The muscles disappears so fast and it’s lot of work to get back your condition.
    In the beginning I couldn’t eat and I had several days nutrial IV, because of sores in my throat . And even in the colon.
    BUT ALL WILL BE ALLRIGHT!! Slowly but SURELY you can train your body to be almost the same than before!! I wanted to be able to run again in this summer and now after 10 month I DID IT!! Not the very same way as before but I can run some!
    So all I can say to conform you is that you have got a second chance in living! You are a lucky one! Even if it’s hard, hard, hard right now so it is WORTH , it isn’t easy to be born. We know, don’t we!
    And lot of powerhugs! 👼👼👼
    You don’t need to answer. I know the very tiredness! Just take care of yourself!❤️
    (My daughter Elina sended a message to you via your Facebook some time ago.)

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