July 18th – Day 8

I am riding the storm well but it’s pretty fierce. Last night was particularly rough and this morning I still have a temperature of 38.3. But I’m still smiling and in between the low points I perk up as this photo shows.
I am on a morphine pump and that together with Colin’s special cocktails I am doing OK during a difficult period. Only a few days to go and things should start to look better.
Deborah x

8 thoughts on “July 18th – Day 8

  1. You look amazing considering all you are going through. You are inspirational! Sat in matthew’s living room drinking a cup of Yorkshire tea.. Thinking of you and praying for a really speedy recovery. Lots of love.. Xxx

  2. Deb, you are doing sooo well, and still looking glam in your pj’s. Not long now and you can come home. Love to you as always xxx

  3. You are amazing, still smiling. I know how hard it must be, I’ve seen it. It WILL get better soon.
    Ps I sent you a private message on Facebook a while back, did you get it? All the best, Elina

    • Hi Elina
      I don’t think I did receive your FB message otherwise I would have replied. Sorry about that.
      Thank you for your comforting words
      Deborah x

      • I’ve just sent it again, it’s a bit out of date now….but I’ll write again, once you’ve received it. It says it goes to your ‘other folder’ in FB messages. Just wanted to send a long private message to you. Sleep well, as well as you can, Elina x

  4. All things condidered you look pretty good! A few more days and you will start to feel better as your cous recover. You are amazing!

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