9 thoughts on “July 19th- Day 9

  1. Hang in there Deborah! Another day or two and your ceels will begin to engraft and you will start to feel better. Thinking of you and sending positive energy your way. Ellen

  2. I am day +29, the days you are in are really rough as you are aware, they will get better, hang in there! For me days +4 through about day +10 were really bad, hope your days get better very soon! Paul.

  3. Thinking of you Debbie, sorry you have to go through all this. Hurry up and get through this nasty phase dear xxx

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  4. O dear Mum. Hope you get through this stage soon. Saw someone’s nice comment saying you’ll feel stronger soon as they’ve been through it too. Xxx

  5. So sorry you are feeling so rough, I would like to pass on a message from Gambia that was passed to me recently, when bad things happen, that is good, because it means that good things are on the way coming! We all hope your good things are very close now.
    Love and best wishes

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