July 22nd – Day 12

The sun is shining and the storm has settled. Today will be a day of calm. My neutrophils are up to 8. I am still feeling pretty sick and visits to the toilet are too regular for my liking, but I think I may have turned a corner. I now need to start to try eating as I have the threat of an NG tube hanging over me. So far I have managed half a weet-a-bix with milk this morning and I drank almost a whole, very sickly chocolate ensure drink last night.

I must thank you all once again for your love and support, wether it be through your comments on the blog, via Facebook or from the lovely cards and gifts I continue to receive daily. Yesterday I received a lovely card with the words smile on with a scratch card inside. Sadly it wasn’t a winning ticket but exciting just the same.

Remembering past days in the sunshine and looking forward to many more.


Happy Tuesday to you all

Deborah xxx

9 thoughts on “July 22nd – Day 12

  1. That’s a fabulous photo, Deb. Pleased you’ve turned the corner. Just keep going straight ahead now! Sending you lots of love Mo xxxxx

  2. I love the picture! Soon you will be enjoying the sunshine again. I hope you can manage a little food today. If there is something you crave find out if you can have it brought in. In the US that is allowed in most hospitals. Wishing you a better day.

  3. Thought of you again this morning here on the west coast of B.C. As I was eating my weetabix! It’s all sounding so hopeful now Deb, get those neutrophils up and you’ll soon be back on that bicycle. My Mum always used to say “a little of what you fancy does you good” so I think the writer earlier who said maybe you could get some food in that you enjoy was on the right track for sure! Keep on Truckin’ along! Love and vibes, Nicola

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  4. So,so glad that you are feeling a little better Debs.Small steps but going in the right direction.Love you.xxx

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