July 23rd – Day 13

Good morning.. I am delighted to report that my health is definitely improving. I even managed to eat a little yesterday including one of these very special, handmade, individually wrapped, toffee’s from Fortnum and Mason. Thank you once again Sharon for such a thoughtful gift. Besides the excitement of receiving a parcel from such an exclusive shop, the treacle toffee brought back such happy memories of bonfire nights at the Cocker’s. Sitting under the big willow tree with Jarvis, Saskia and Kate and enjoying the homemade sweets and the warmth of the fire on a bitterly cold evening in Sheffield.

I feel a little hungry this morning and was quite looking forward to my Rice Krispies only to be reminded that I was nil by mouth! I have a scan of my liver booked for 10am.
Although I am feeling a little brighter my temperature is still spiking and I continue to have diarrhoea. I am also still on oxygen so until these issues are addressed there is no talk of coming home I am afraid. After 13 days of sitting in the same room I am ready to move on. Still I will use this time wisely and try to slowly mobilise myself. My body is very weak and my muscles have deteriorated somewhat but I think a little gentle exercise will help improve matters. The physiotherapist is due to pop by today as is the dietician so I will listen carefully to there advice.

Thank you for all your comments. I am sorry I haven’t got around to individually responding to them all, but I can promise you that they have all been read and very much appreciated by both Colin and I.

You really are a great army to have on one’s side.

Lots of love Deborah xxx

4 thoughts on “July 23rd – Day 13

  1. Great you’re getting better. Elliot absolutely loves talking to you and his Grandpa on the phone :). Xxx

  2. Good news again! Hope you’ve had a good night sleep!!!! ❤️
    Good way starting to eat!
    I had some homemade food brought in by my family when I started eating again after long while with IV. The hospital food was not the most tasteful and I also had difficulties with my soreed throut and even vomiting. And very bad appetite. The dietician told it was very important with protein rich food. Then back home I got even a big box with protein drinks send home.
    Hope you get a good day today! Sirkku

  3. Sounds as though you have turned the corner! You attitude is titally amazing enjoy the toffees and know that i am thinking about you and hoping that you will be home soon to enjoy your garden your family and your friends. Best, Ellen

  4. Hi Deb, Oh joy, to see you smiling. For sure, a corner has been turned and you are on your way girl. One thought: chemo played havoc with my guts too, as I’m sure it does for most, and I have since discovered I am now lactose intolerant. Seemed like an awful bore to start with, but lots of substitute milks on the market now (almond milk is great with weetabix and Rice Krispies!) and now my innards are healed up I find I can tolerate a wee bit of lactose, like a little milk in my morning cuppa! Also aged cheddar OK (can’t live without cheese) yogurt etc but not for you while immuno suppressed. anyway thought I’d just mention that for whenever it’s appropriate it might be worth considering. Meanwhile, get that white count up, and we are all still there with you and for you. Much love, Nicola

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