July 28th – Day 18

There seems to be very little let up but I suppose the fact I am even writing this blog must count for some improvement. Both Colin and I are really fed up now and there have been some tears today.it is hard to see an end to all this but my fellow myeloma buddies give me hope, having been through this hell and come out the other side. My body aches all over, the bed is far from comfy and as much as I try to sleep when I can it isn’t easy.

Sorry this post is full of gloom, perhaps the sun will come out tomorrow.

Deborah x

P.S. there is a little joy, everyday mum sends me a card and a lottery ticket, today it won a £1.00!

5 thoughts on “July 28th – Day 18

  1. Hi Deb Angela here. You are doing what you have to. Both you and Colin are amazing. We look forward to seeing you both. It’s incredible that you can manage the blog. Always thinking of you both willing you on, homeward bound. XX

  2. Sorry you’re not feeling much better, although it’s great that you’re able to do the blog today. You will be home soon, and the past few weeks will be a distant memory. Keep your spirits up. Love to you and Colin. xxx 😘

  3. Hi, I know how helpless even Colin must feel to see you in pain! You cant help and you feel sense of totally poverlessness!
    I know, it was ten times more hell than the hell can be!
    but somehow the hours go with lot of painkillers and tears and some sleep ( with sleeping pills) and even if you think it’s all too difficult so ONE DAY IT’LL BE OVER. That day comes when you are through that hell! You’ll see!
    Just focus, focus to the good things you can find!
    ❤️ your little grandchild waits for you!
    You have lot of friends sending you power energy!
    You have life waiting!
    You will be good!

  4. I am one year out from my stem cell transplant and I am in complete remission and feeling good. I remember the 19 days of hospital hell. As the old saying goes, it takes time. You will feel like crap but it DOES get better. Thanking of you.

  5. Deborah, I am so sorry you are having such a rough go of it. I wish I could make it all go away. I feel certain that you will be better in a few days. I know from others that it can turn around quickly. I am praying for you!

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