July 29th/30th – Day 19/20

Hot and bothered. Very little change if any. Today I have a PET and CAT scan to investigate further. Only clear fluids from now until appointment at 2.30. It says to allow up to 4 hours for the whole procedure. Oh well let’s hope they find something they can then treat.

That’s as much as I can manage today.

Deborah x

8 thoughts on “July 29th/30th – Day 19/20

  1. What a nuisance, Deb. Fervently hoping this difficult time passes quickly. Sending lots of love and positive thoughts. Mo xxxxx

  2. Dear Deb, This is a long overdue note. I have been reading your blog for over a year. Your courage, endurance, warmth, humour, determination, strength, and gratitude ray forth in one way or another in every note that you write. I know I am one of many who are inspired by your ability to sustain these afore mentioned virtues (I am sure there are more to add) while you undergo these gruelling treatments.
    Please know that I am one of those who has joined your ever expanding circle of love. I believe that not only does that loving support serve you but that it exists as part of an extended gesture of love and compassion that is of service to humanity.
    Much love on a cloudless perfect day, from a tiny Salt Spring Island on the west coast of Canada.

  3. This setback is very trying for you Deb, extra thoughts and hugs coming your way, Nicola

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