July 31- Day 21

This is what three weeks in hospital can do for you.
I certainly look a bit thinner. Dare I say it, but maybe just maybe I am a little brighter this morning. Not that the night was without its drama’s but I really don’t want to put you off your cornflakes.

Today Colin gets to escape this prison cell and our good friend Sue gets to take on the role as nurse maid. Hopefully I will just suffer from extreme exhaustion today. This morning my temperature is for the first time in weeks, 36 something. Let’s hope is stays that way, if I am to stand any chance of seeing our home again.

Please let my corner be well and truly turned!

Thanks for hanging in there with me and for all your lovely comments, they really do make a difference.

Love to you all

Deborah xxxx

11 thoughts on “July 31- Day 21

  1. Hi Debs you certainly look furious BUT your Teperature is down!!!!!
    That is fantastic you are starting your journey to come home and it will not be long this is what we have all been waiting for.
    Lots of love Mum. xxx

  2. Great that your temperatures down 👏. Not long now and you’ll be home and this will all be a distant memory. Love to you xxx 😉

  3. Oh Deb, relief relief, yesterday I was really worried, the tunnel just seemed sooo long. But now I feel that with your temp down things will start moving along and the light appearing. Phew. Looking forward to seeing that smile once more, but hallelujah you’re on the road again. Start planning that trip! Love and all those hugs again, Nicola

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  4. Deborah, kick it’s f..king ass if you’ve got the energy. Thinking of you and i know what long spells in hospital can do to you. In my thoughts always. Saskia xxxxx

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