All best plans…

Following a restful and most enjoyable weekend, much of it spent in the garden, yesterday was rather disappointing. Unfortunately I couldn’t ignore the pain in my right arm any longer. The site around my Picc line was tender, hot, red and inflamed. It had become difficult to raise my arm even by a few inches. I knew the Picc line needed to come out. Attempts to get it sorted our locally predictably failed so it was another drive back down to London. Poor Colin, he could do the journey with his eyes shut by now.

The day was long. By the time I saw the doctor, who predicated a clot or infection, had a scan, the Picc line removed and collected all necessary medication, it was almost 6pm. The conclusion was an infection which was my preferred option as taking oral antibiotics beat giving myself daily injections.

Feeling tired and very weary on our return it was lovely to be greeted by this beautiful very unexpected surprise.
imageA gift from my Uncle Jeremy in Hong Kong. It certainly put a smile back on our faces, as did a visit from my good friend Allison. She had very kindly sourced us a wheelchair to borrow for the next few weeks. She also came armed with a homemade banana cake which was gratefully received by us both.

I think I am slowly getting my appetite back partly helped by the delicious, tender fillet steaks kindly bought for us by my brother on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed for lunch on a Sunday. My taste buds aren’t quite the same yet but I don’t think it will take too long to regain all the weight I lost.

So here I am home again lying in m own comfy bed. I can’t explain how grateful I am for that. Today I may attempt a long soak in the bath. Getting in is no trouble but finding the confidence and strength to pull myself out is a bit more tricky.

It looks like the sun is shining so hopefully I will spend the rest of the day in the garden. If all I feel is my general fatigue today I will count my blessings.

Very slowly my strength will return. I have been warned not to expect too much too soon. Perhaps with my new found strength I will grow back some thick glossy, shiny, locks, preferably not the grey variety.

I’m so happy to be alive.

Thank you God, the Universe and most importantly YOU.

Deborah x

7 thoughts on “All best plans…

  1. So glad to read you are feeling a little stronger day by day. Don’t be disheartened if you still have days when you think you are going backwards, it was usually when Mike had been over doing it that he had them. By Christmas you’ll be partying with everyone else! 🙂

  2. Hi,
    Two steps forward and one step back. The strength will slowly return, and it will ❤️!
    It’s summer, have beautiful days in your garden, careful with the sun and see but do not touch the earth or flowers!
    Good thing you’re feeling appetite again!

  3. Keith is fast asleep still shattered at 8.35am, I cannot motivate him out of bed 20 weeks after his SCT, 20 weeks…During the 20 weeks he has had 2 episodes back in hospital and 3 temperature inducing scary episodes…He tried out the gym last week which has definitely put him back by weeks…It is more like one step forward and two steps back…Tiny steps and an appreciation of home, weather and family is all I would suggest you focus on for now, anything else is a bonus x x…Some people spend 3 months in hospital and 2 years to feel ‘normal’, whatever normal is…I have my lovely husband a rather constantly fatigued and lethargic one but I have him at home with me x x…Onwards and upwards – a few quotes from my MM cyber friends who helped me to help Keith…’it took me 2 years but I feel amazing I can run 5k’…’Just booked my first holiday I feel better than I have in years’…’I smiled today I could actually see the light’…’My hair came back thick and curly’…’woohoo what a feeling when your energy comes back’…’I feel wonderful, it’s 12 months later and I feel wonderful’…’I got 10 ten years remission from my first SCT’ xxxxxxxxx

  4. Sorry for the complicahtion with the picc line but it sounds as though you are on the mend. Enjoy the lovely weather, rest and eat..soon you will be be back to yourself! Ellen

  5. So glad you are at home enjoying the good weather and your garden and, most important, your family x

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  6. Sorry to hear you had to go back to London yesterday, what a pain. Glad your back in your lovely home. We’re on Hols at the moment, back on Friday. I’ll pop round next week to say hi, I’ll bring the nail stuff, if you’re up to it. Can’t wait to see you. I’ll text at the beginning of next week. Enjoy the sunshine xxx 🌞🌞🌞

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