As slow as a tortoise

Or maybe even slower, that’s how I feel. I suppose it is very early days yet. The last couple of days have been clouded by feelings of nausea despite the four different types of anti sickness tablets I have been taking. Perhaps the antibiotics are to blame? Whatever the reason it has knocked me flat and made me feel pretty miserable. Still you guys certainly know how to cheer a girl up and yesterday I received some lovely paper butterflies that now flutter away around my fire surround.
My lovely little grandson, with a bit of help from Mum, made me this beautiful card, so a I have plenty of reasons to smile.



My strength is quite an issue, honestly I have to build myself up for the walk into the bathroom. Never mind having a bath which takes more energy than  I ever imagined. I have devised a novel way of getting out of the bath now. Once the water has drained away I put a dry towel on the base of the bath that helps me to grip and eventually pull myself up. The whole process does however completely wear me out and I have to spend the rest of the day recuperating. For somebody who was used to having boundless energy this is all pretty frustrating but I suppose I must be patient. We are after all only on day 29 of the SCT and I haven’t been out of hospital long.

At least I am home for which I am very grateful. I am sitting in the conservatory enjoying the view of the open countryside listening to the birds chattering away and I appreciate being alive.

Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend

Deborah xxx

8 thoughts on “As slow as a tortoise

  1. I hope you start to feel a lot less nauseous very soon Deb and you will regain your strength through your determination.

  2. Aww my picture and card is famous says Elliot.
    We do live you lots.
    Keep getting better even if it is very slow.

  3. Hi,
    I know how difficult it can be. All things after your SCT have been just like mine (almost a year ago now) I remember the feeling nausea, totally strengthless, so, so heavy and clumpy body.
    I felt so bad, difficult to sleep, tiredness and some time even panicking. After 40 days it turned for me. Then I started with short steps living again, small walks outside, eating without vomiting every time when eating and then even with some light training. I met a nice physiotherapist who helped me with training program .
    So, Deborah, even you will come there but it takes some more days. It’s not easy time but you need to go through that before it will come. You need to pick up more strength mentally and bodily. You need now high calorie, high protein food to get energy! Cream in your food! And then the day comes when you feel life coming back!
    You’re a lucky one having your gorgeous grandson! That’s a big happiness in life!❤️
    Have many sunny summerdays picking up energy!

  4. Thinking of you, hoping it will turn soon and you start to get your energy and health back. stay strong. did you get my facebook message? hug, Elina

  5. It was good to hear from you today Deb, and though of course I wish you were, I’m not surprised you are not yet leaping tall buildings in a single bound —— . Each day, and each tiny step, is a miracle after what you have been through. Sending love, and hopes those butterflies will symbolize a transformation for you very soon, but it seems as though it will be slow, and you may not notice improvement on a daily basis, but hopefully by the end of the month you may look back and see that you are ahead and leaving behind this whole nightmare. Nicola

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    • Thanks Nicola
      I hope your own health is improving. Each day is a new day and perhaps today I shall feel a little stronger.

  6. I am sure the infection and antibiotics set you back a little. I know you are strong and will not be discouraged. Your little grandson is adorable! Your body went through a major process. Time is your friend now. Eat as well as you can, rest, and surround yourself with friends and family who love you. The tide will turn soon. You have come so far already!


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