What seemed like the last straw..

After having a lovely morning watching my grandson from my prone position on the sofa I started to go down hill and struggled upstairs to bed. I took my temperature and it was 38.4. Anything over 38 means take yourself to your nearest A&E. With low blood counts any infection could potentially be fatel. But I was devastated and fraught with grief at the thought of going back into hospital and all that entails. I rang  the free Myeloma support line and spoke through my tears about my sheer frustration , fear and disappointment. I knew what she would say. That I must call my specialist nurse who I knew would insist I went immediately to my local A&E. After 7 hours of waiting, admittingly on a bed in a side room I was eventually found a side room in the new Acute Medical Unit. There are no Heamotology beds at the Lister. Last time I was here I was put in an elderly care ward so I insisted I would immediately discharge myself if that happened again. Luckily I was given a nice reverse barrier side room. Because the air is kept clean the is an air conditioning  unit just above my bed and I was freezing, despite numerous blankets. Still my temperature has come down and I think I have managed to persuade the consultant to let me home today on the promise I attend my appointment at UCLH tomorrow.

Nothing runs smoothly in the Myeloma theme park. I think I am on a rollar coaster at the moment, the ride is making me feel very sick and I really want it to stop and let me off!

Patience really is a virtue which I think I have missing!!

Deborah x

4 thoughts on “What seemed like the last straw..

  1. Oh, i know the feeling of going back to the hospital. Poor you! I know the feeling when being worried not knowing what’s wrong now. Is it myeloma or is it something else? The nervousness will be there every time something’s wrong with you! It can be a simple headache, and there it comes again!
    Every time I was back to hospital or just seeing doctor or a nurse I’d always ask a private room. Not sitting where all people were waiting, because of case of infection.
    I hope you’ll be soon allright. ❤️

    • Thank you for all your helpful comments Sirkku. I am sorry I can’t always reply but I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your kind thoughts and words. Xxx

  2. Oh Deb, so frustrated for you with yet another setback, and soooo hard to know what’s best to do in this situation, and it’s making those decisions that is so hard too. But you did the right thing and hopefully you will soon be home again, and, surely, your blood count will be going up a bit which should help stabilize things? Anyway, lots of love as always,extra thoughts, and a big hug. Nicola

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