Day 43 – A bit nervous about speaking out too soon but…..

…I think the feeling of nausea may have almost gone or at least been drastically reduced. On Wednesday I had a home visit from Louise, my lovely Palliative Care Nurse. She listened and then looked carefully at all my medication. Embarrassingly, I threw up whilst she was there. Louise was determined that we would get on top of the sickness. After a discussion with my specialist myeloma nurse and the hospice doctor, Louise rang back in the afternoon with a new medication regime. I was to try taking Levomepromizine 6mg x1, and 1mg of Lorazepam under the tongue at night. Well it seemed to do the trick and knocked me out for the whole night. So yesterday (Thursday) was a much better day. I was able to eat and drink small amounts and felt much brighter in mood. It made such a difference. I still feel mildly nauseous but nothing like I did and I can take up to 4mg of Lorazepam during the day so I always have that as a back up.

I made it downstairs yesterday and with Colin’s help I managed a short stroll around the garden. Today I may go for a drive out in the motorhome. I must however be careful not to over do it. My body is still very week and I can’t do very much before I am completely exhausted. Thank goodness for the wheelchair borrowed from the Red Cross.

Yesterday I had a lovely visit from my old friend and colleague Jane. It is all very exciting as she is moving to Guernsey next week to start a new job. I shall really miss her but both Colin and I are excited to follow her journey and we hope to visit her out there sometime. Jane is one of the most generous and genuinely thoughtful people I know. It wasn’t until she left that we found the bags of Waitrose treats that she had left behind for us. All kindly hand picked tasty morsels aimed at trying to encourage my appetite. But it’s not just her generous gifts it’s her thoughtful words and kind gestures that make her so special. Both Colin and I will really miss her but are so excited about the adventures she has ahead.

I must also acknowledge all the hard work and kindness my mum shows. Nothing is too much trouble for her and she does all our shopping and ironing at the moment. Anything she can think of to make our lives easier she does. Last week she bought all sorts of natural remedies to try to reduce my nausea, from specially scented candles, Joss sticks, mints and herbal teas.

I am very lucky to have such a caring family and good friends.

Perhaps I have turned a corner? Oh please do let that be so. I feel that HOPE and my positive outlook is returning.

Thank you all for your continuous support and comments. They really do make the difference.

Now I have some competition entries to post. Fingers crossed I could be winning all matter of crazy prizes.

Have a great Bank Holiday weekend my Guardian Angels

Deborah xxxxxx

11 thoughts on “Day 43 – A bit nervous about speaking out too soon but…..

  1. I am so glad to hear that you are doing better! Take it slow and dont push yourself although it must be difficult not to. My thoughts and prayers are with you! Ellen

  2. Oh Deb, I am sooo pleased that your feeling a bit better, it must’ve been horrible for you feeling sick all the time 😪. I do hope that’s the last of it. Enjoy the drive in your motorhome. Take care xxx

  3. Oh Deb You surely must have heard, or at least sense, my sigh of relief from the west coast of Canada?! Now you have a real chance to gain strength, and it will come, as you get some nutrition into your body that stays in! Phew, WHAT a time you have been through, but I think you’ll get that trip to Guernsey —— big hugs, Nicola

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  4. Dear Deb,
    I am so happy to hear that you are feeling a little better and enjoyed a good nights sleep with the lessening of the nausea. My prayers and positive thoughts continue for you here in Portland, Oregon. God Bless You and Colin and your family.

    Toni Ladd

  5. I think you have turned now a corner! Something has change and you can feel the difference! So happy to hear! Even if you feel sometimes still nausea so it’s been better.
    Now you’ll get more straight when eating.
    You told you can get help of a wheelchair. That’s good, but try as much as possible get up on your feet to take some walks. Start small exercises to train your body. To get back your muscles takes more time than to loose them.
    You’re happy to have your caring family and all your encourage friends. All they make your journey little easier even if just you, by yourself, must go through it . But knowing they are there for you helps!
    powerhugs ❤️

  6. Come on girl, we are almost there.
    I had lunch with 10 guys from work today and it is absolutely amazing how strong I feel afterwards. Make no mistake, I’m still weak (as a old co-worker used to say – ‘weaker than a popcorn fart’ – he was from Texas so what do you expect), but it was great seeing everybody. I could relief on their faces that I was holding up so well. I hadn’t seen several for 4 1/2 months. Who knows what they expected me to look like. I sorry your good friend is moving away but at least you can visit her.
    I going out with a college roommate and his wife tonight. I haven’t been seeing friends for 3 weeks and that’s letting cancer win. I’m going to live my life. Cancer won’t confine me to a house.
    You may want to research green teas and MM. Apparently green teas and velcade don’t mix too well. Whatever the interaction is – teas are off my menu. Beer on the other hand can take it’s place.
    Hope you continue to get stronger.

  7. We are so very pleased that you are feeling a little better Debs.Keep trying to eat a little of anything that you can fancy,cos the food will help your energy levels and hopefully build your strength.Have a good weekend and give Colin and all your lovely family our love.

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